Presentation about water
Presentation about water

Presentation about water

Presentation about water , contains all the information about water,  the causes of water pollution and you will also find here how to save water. All this information will be found here in  presentation about water, in addition to the introduction and conclusion that you can use in the presentation.

Presentation about water


Hello, my name is(your name). I’ll make a presentation about  the importance of water  today ,and I’ll show you some pictures. I hope  you’ll get benefit with the subject. If you have any question I’ll be happy to answer it after I finish.


The importance of water

What distinguishes the earth from other planets and other celestial bodies is its competence in the element of life which is water. God made of water everything living.

Water represents more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface compared to land. The water wealth is distributed on the surface of the earth in rivers, seas and oceans.

Water is of great importance in life as you can hardly find anything that does not need water, and I will try to summarize some points that show the importance of water in all aspects of life and its details.

Water is the element of life, it is a component of the composition of all creatures, which is essential in its permanence and life, and enters the composition of cells and tissues, and a large part of the mass of the body is of water.

Water is the main source of drinking as no one can live without drinking water, which protects our bodies from drought and thirst.

Water enters industries of all kinds. Food industries need water mainly, solid and heavy industry, aircraft and automobile industry, all of which require water either for manufacturing itself or for continuous cooling in machinery and manufacturing equipment.

Even manufactured materials need water. Cars, for example, need water for continuous cooling on the car’s engine.

Methods of water conservation;

Water consumption is undoubtedly the first way to save water wealth from the depletion it . It preserves the water grace in our hands. One way to rationalize water consumption is to wash your car for example or rinse with a bucket instead of a water hose.

Protecting the water from pollution that may affect it. This is done by enacting legislation and activating laws that deter the aggressors against water wealth such as dumping waste in water reservoirs used for local drinking, pollution of marine beaches by citizens or large companies operating in seaports, or Factories that dispose of their waste in water bodies.

The establishment of dams and large reservoirs that save rainwater and work to store it to serve as a strategic reserve for the state as well as works to maintain water wealth and provide them for people and public uses when needed.


Thank you for listening. I hope you have benefited from the topic. If you have any questions you would like to ask, I would be happy to answer them all.

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