Penguin information
Penguin information

Penguin information

 Penguin information, and facts about the penguin, you will know all about the penguins and places of life and life threatening predators. The penguin is a beautiful bird that many people love and want to see. Here you will learn more about the penguin through penguin information.

Penguin information

The penguin is one of the most beautiful creatures that adults and children love and love to watch. Here we will learn more about it through information including the types and places of their presence. All this and more you will find here in the information about the penguin through penguin facts.

Penguin Life and Place of Life

 Penguin is one of the types of birds that belong to the convex wing family system and its faction of the new jaw family or modern Neognathae jaw.

 The group of penguins is one of the types of aquatic organisms that do not have the ability to fly, and live in the southern hemisphere, specifically in Antarctica; as a result of adaptation to water.

These birds can whitewash themselves with their black and white feathers and feed on crustaceans, fish and squids living in water;That’s why you have the ability to swim well .

 These birds live half their lives on Earth, the other half in the oceans. Although indigenous birds live in the southern hemisphere, few have been found living in the usual areas, and Galapagos has been found to live near the equator.

The number of these birds ranges from 18 to 20 different species, and the emperor is one of its varieties Aptenodytes forsteri. It is characterized by being the largest of these varieties in size, the average length of the adult about 1.1 meters, weighs 35 kg.

And the blue penguin Eudyptula the smallest varieties in size, and the length of about 40 cm, weighs one kilogram. It is believed that the size of these birds was larger than it is now.

The penguins are not afraid of humans, unlike other birds, because they do not have enemies or predators on this land.

 Dogs are the only organisms that can feed on penguins, but dogs are not allowed to approach this southern half, D However, large number of them are threatened by predators at sea from marine predators such as sharks and whales.

Tourists watching the penguins must set a distance of three meters from the penguin, because when approached, they are nervous and temperamental.

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