New York tourist attractions
New York tourist attractions

New York tourist attractions

New York tourist attractions ,  We will learn a lot of things about New York City that you did not know before about  this charming city. Here you will find all the information you are looking for in New York tourist attractions .

New York tourist attractions

New York is an economic, tourist and entertainment country in which you, whatever your interests, will find your destination . Here we will give you a lot  of information about New York City in  New York tourist attractions.

New York

New York City is the most densely populated city in the United States and is one of the largest cities in the United States of America.

 It is worth mentioning that it is considered one of the most important financial and trade centers in the world because of the large number of banks and international companies, including the stock market, the United Nations headquarters, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.


New York City has buildings and facilities with a variety of architectural designs, with many wooden buildings designed as bunkers, bungalows or sloping ceilings.

 There are also modern and attractive buildings such as skyscrapers, which are very popular in Manhattan. The Empire State Building is the tallest building in New York City, and the most important.


New York City has 110 square kilometers of parks and 14 miles of public beaches. New York’s most famous parks include Prospect Park, Flushing Maduz, Forest Park, Central Park, Washington Square Park, Corona Park, and Pelham Bay Park, In New York, with an area of ​​about 2,700 acres.


New York City has more than twenty-one percent of the global banking market. Its banking system consists of Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Bankers Trust, and Morgan, and has more than four hundred and forty-five banks, It is also the first reference to stock market valuation in the world.

Kitchen and dining

 New York City is home to many international foods such as pizza, bread and cheese cake, which are imported from Italy and Eastern Europe.

Chinese restaurants are also present in every region. The government has given food vendors a license to sell, This has led many immigrants to own food carts and sell them in the streets of New York City.

Some of these vehicles sell kebab and falafel, but pastries and hotdog sandwiches still dominate the streets. It should be noted that New York City also houses the finest restaurants in the United States.

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