My self introduction
My self introduction

My Self Introduction 3 Models

My self introduction is an interesting and important topic, because writing an introduction about myself varies from person to person. We will write several examples of how to write an introduction about yourself, and in many jobs we need to write an introduction about yourself.

When I applied for a job, I was asked to write an introduction about myself, and this topic is asked from many students to practice writing information about themselves.


Writing an introduction about myself is a subject that every student should learn.

My Self Introduction

I need to get my thoughts in order to write my self introduction, because we have to choose precise words that describe my abilities. My self introduction should include real information about age, educational qualification, previous experiences, previous jobs, and other information.


Therefore, there is no fixed form for me to write an introduction about myself, because it is related to my case only, and my experiences.

How do I introduce myself in a job interview

When a person presents himself for a job, he must follow some important instructions such as:

  • Attention to appearance, you should wear classic clothes suitable for the interview, and your hair should be styled and your appearance should be elegant enough for the nature of the job you want to work in.
  • Choose the words carefully, and you should not dwell on details, but your words should be brief and useful.
  • Your words should be clear, and describe your true potential.
  • Speak in a moderate voice, so you should not lower your voice so that your interviewer does not hear you, and you should not raise your voice too much as if you are in a quarrel.
  • You should show respect to your interviewer, as he represents the company you want to work for.
  • Be confident in yourself, reduce your stress, and listen carefully to the questions.
  • Speak honestly about your abilities and experiences, never resort to lying.
  • Answer the questions without talking about other things.
  • Be a little smiling, don’t frown at your interlocutor, and don’t laugh as if you were sitting with a friend of yours.
  • Do not smoke during the interview, sit on the chair correctly, and walk with balanced steps when entering the room and while leaving it.

Words you can use to introduce yourself

  • I can make a difference in the company.
  • I am happy and grateful to be given this opportunity.
  • I have a lot of experience in the same field.
  • I am honest with myself and I can make a difference in the company.
  • I believe in working in a team.
  • My strengths are that I am a quick learner.
  • I am a self-motivated person, and I always try to do my best at work.
  • My skill is that I am good at dealing with computers and……
  • I have experience in many fields, including…
  • I am fluent in several languages ​​which are……,……
  • My goal in joining the job is to achieve a prestigious position for myself, in addition to achieving success for the company.

Self introduction form

When you enter the room, say hello, and sit in your chair, smile and introduce yourself as follows.

My name is (state your name)……………..


I am : 25 years old

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer…

Then wait for the answer to the questions of your speaker as follows:

Q: Do you have experience in this field?

A: Yes, my previous experience is that I worked in a telecom company for two years….

Q: What are your skills that made you apply for this job?

A: My skills are that I am good with (or design) computer programs.

Q: What languages ​​do you speak?

I am fluent in several languages, namely, English, German and French.

Q: What is your ambition?

The reason for applying for this position is that I aspire to obtain a prestigious position in your company, and I also want the company to benefit from my experience.

At the end of the interview, you can say some kind words like, Nice to meet you, or Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Another self-presentation form

It is important to practice introducing yourself, because this is very useful in many situations, where you are asked to introduce yourself in a job interview, or a meeting with an important person, etc.

Oftentimes, people get confused when asked to introduce themselves, and forget to mention important information.

And you must realize that the first impression lasts, and therefore you have to present yourself in a good way, so that the impression of you on others is good.

Arrange  your thoughts before you speak, use simple and clear sentences, pay attention to body language, be honest in everything you say, don’t forget to talk about your accomplishments, don’t talk arrogantly about yourself, just smile and don’t laugh, and don’t use humor when introducing yourself to others. You can mention your hobbies and interests in a brief way.


How to introduce myself in a job interview

The phrases that you use to introduce yourself differ from one person to another depending on his abilities, experiences, and so on, but in general the individual should pay attention to body language, because it is a powerful tool that reveals a lot of information about the personality.

Through body language, your anxiety, tension, self-confidence, interest in the topic, truthfulness or insincerity of your words, ability to work under pressure and respect for others appear.

All of this can be seen through body language, and therefore you must be calm and balanced, and you must arrange your thoughts and choose your words.

You should also have general information about the culture of the interviewee, if possible. Also, you must know the conditions for accepting the job before you apply for it, and the conditions must apply to you.

In the conversation, do not use humor, and show respect to your talker. You can follow these steps:

Self-Identification: Provide only important personal information such as: name, age, qualification, place of residence.

Talk about the things you are good at: List your experiences and what you are good at doing, do not talk about yourself arrogantly.

Avoid talking about your private life: Don’t talk about your private life unless you are asked to do so.


My self introduction essay is an important topic for everyone to practice, because many people get confused when they introduce themselves, and forget to talk about important information.

Presenting yourself well makes a good impression on others. My self introduction is a subject that you must practice, because you will meet new people and need to introduce yourself, and you may need to introduce yourself in order to work for a job and other things. That is why we have given you all the tips to help you introduce yourself in a good way.


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