Brief introduction about yourself
Brief introduction about yourself

Brief introduction about yourself

Brief introduction about yourself is a topic that contains many important and useful information that enables you to talk about yourself with confidence and clarity. If you are looking for information about how to talk about yourself in different situations, you will find here a topic entitled “Brief introduction about yourself”  contains everything that interests you.

Brief introduction about yourself

Talking about oneself is easy and enjoyable, but it has certain rules, namely, to know what is the appropriate speech for each position, and here you will find a topic entitled “Brief introduction about yourself”. 

Introduction about yourself 

There are many situations in which you hear this question, “Tell me about your self”  and this question always be in social situations between family and friends .But if you are in an official interview for work or in class the question will be “Introduce your self “and has the same meaning.

The answer here differs  in each situation from the other: For example in the interview  your answer will be:

my name is 

I am …..years old

I graduated from faculty of….. last year

I worked before as

I have an experience in 

I respect the time  and I love working with a team work

But if you are on a social occasion with your family or friends,you have to talk more about your social life, such as telling if you are married or having children and how many child you have such as;

I am married and I have three children.

You can tell about a personal situation that happened to you that fits the topic that everyone is talking about, but try not to prolong. Tell  the main points you want to focus on such as saying that: 

I recently attended a great political debate, I benefited a lot of important information, which changed a lot of my views on some of the political positions that took place in recent times.

It is good for a person to listen to more than one opinion until he has a lot of viewpoints that can make him see things he did not see before.

If you are in a class and want to talk about yourself you can mention the former but without talking about your personal life but you can talk more about your hobbies such as saying:

I like riding ,reading and playing basket ball in my spare time.

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