Presentation introduction
Presentation introduction

Presentation introduction

Presentation introduction is a very important and effective part if you want to make a presentation that allows you to attract the attention of the audience or listeners for what you offer and makes the presentation of a pleasant and influential in the hearts and minds of the audience. Here we will learn the most important skills of the presentation introduction in English.

Presentation introduction

There is no doubt that everyone of us at some stage of work or study is asked for making a presentation in English ,and to make a wonderful presentation that dazzles the audience, you have to pay attention to the presentation introduction, which is the basis on which the rest of the presentation is based. In order to offer a ready and distinguished presentation you also need an attractive and expressive introduction. This is what we will learn here.

Presentation introduction

First: What is the presentation?

The presentation is a show presented to the audience or listeners through which you present a specific idea and list all the details that illustrate this idea, whether the problem, the reasons and solutions to that problem or an idea related to human or economic development and so on.

The presentation  consists of three things: introduction, subject and conclusion. Plus, of course, you can display a lot of illustrations of the subject, and you can use videos or songs that enhance the value of the idea you are presenting on your presentation. This method is very effective in attracting the attention of the audience and breaking boredom and increasing interaction.

Secondly : The topic we will discuss in detail today is how to make the introduction of the presentation in English:

You should know that the introduction of presentation is your key to enter the minds and hearts of listeners. You should be interested in it as much as you are interested in the subject or idea that you are presenting.

It is also worth noting that the introduction of the presentation is not only to introduce yourself to the audience, but it beyond that, and we will illustrate it to you through points as follows:


Make sure that whatever the experience and skill of the person who makes a presentation or whatever charisma he has, he will certainly feel some anxiety , but do not think it’s hard for you to hide your anxiety or stress.

The tension is of normal human feelings does not necessarily mean your inability to do something brilliantly. All you have to do is to exercise more than once to present the presentation before the mirror and more than once to your family members or friends, this will increase your self-confidence.

Stand comfortably: 

Do not forget that body language is very important in expressing self-confidence, try to stand and your back straight, and you can move in the place of the presentation, but you have to move slowly and comfortably.

Eye contact:

It is very important to have visual communication between you and the entire audience when you present the presentation. This will make them feel friendly towards you and that you are interested in them personally and direct your conversation to them, which will increase their interaction with you.

Voice tone: 

Try to speak with quiet tone voice is not so high increase or so low. The more calm and balanced your voice, the more convinced you are to the audience and  they will feel confident of you and of your talk.

If you are a person who can not control the tone of your voice when you are nervous, you can use some videos or a song that enhances the idea of ​​your subject and you play it during the show so that you can relax your voice a bit and then continue the show. This idea also has a great impact on attracting the attention of the audience and breaking the boredom as well.

Finally; Introduce your self: 

Start the presentation by introducing yourself to the audience by greeting them first, and then mention your name and then mention the subject of the presentation that you will present today and tell them that you will answer all their questions, as follows:

Hello, how are you today; hope you feeling good… my name is…. and today I will talk in my presentation about…..I hope you will like it. And if you have any questions please do not be shy; I will answer your questions with all pleasure.

We have provided you with the presentation introduction in English , and you can read more topics through the following link:

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