Easy presentation
Easy presentation

Easy presentation

Easy presentation, in which we present an important subject that concerns many,which is the causes of drug addiction, which has become in all societies, and which destroys young people`s their minds, health and lives. Here you will find a ready and easy presentation of the causes of drug addiction.

Easy presentation

We have to find out about the most important causes of drug addiction and what may lead to the abuse of those toxins that have become widespread in our Arab societies. All the information and more you will find here in an easy presentation.


Hello … My name is … I will present to you today a presentation about the causes of drug addiction, I hope you will like it. And I will answer all your questions at the end with pleasure.


Causes of drug addiction

There are many reasons lead the person to enter the world of drug addiction such as:

The bad friends are the most prominent. The curiosity of a person about what his friends are doing and their constant urgency drives him to experience it, and then addicted to it.

The leisure time with few or no places to spend time in useful things leads the person to deviate to the drug route.

Many people resort to simulate the bad behavior of those around them in the belief that this adds strength to their personalities, This belief is widespread among adolescents, who are constantly seeking to bring out an independent personality to parents and others.

Staying for hours outside of home without parental supervision encourages a person to commit bad acts such as drug abuse.  

The abundance of money in the hands of some young people leads to the experience of everything as long as he is able to own it and buy it and get it.

Escape from reality and problems and concerns, and thus uses drugs as a reaction to this cruelty and his impossibility to face and solve his problems.

Absence of parental interest, So the son does not feel responsible for his actions, he acts as he wants as long as he will not be punished.

The addiction of one or both parents makes them a model of the son,  he does what they do without believing what he is doing is wrong, and also their cruelty to their children has a great negative impact on him.


Thank you for your kind attention … I hope you have liked the subject. If you have any questions, I will answer them with all pleasure.

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