Information about animals
Information about animals

Information about animals

Information about animals, contains everything you care about the animals and their types . Here we will provide you with a variety of information about some animals, including funny and strange  facts. All this and more you will find here in information about animals.

Information about animals

There are many and countless animals around the world. Scientists have discovered some of it, some has not yet been discovered and some has already  extinct before it was been discovered. All of this information will be found here in information about animals.


The animals

 The animal world is characterized by a lot of excitement and puzzles; it hides among it creatures of great magnificence and difference, each characterized by different characteristics; where the variety of animals in their forms, sizes, colors, and how to reproduce. Some emerged before the presence of human and then extinct, and some still exist .


Information about animals

 If the elephant dies standing, it stays standing a few hours before falling to the ground. The lion’s lion hears about seven kilometers away.


The ostrich lives at the age of seventy-five years, and has the ability to reproduce until the age of fifty, An ostrich egg is one of the largest eggs in the world. It weighs approximately two kilograms, and its thickness reaches 1.5 mm, so that a person weighing 100 kg can stand on the egg without breaking.

 Ants are known for their ability to carry out combat raids on neighboring ants colonies. They kill their queen, loot their contents, capture a number of ants, and force them to work as slaves.


The armadillo female  gives birth to four embryos of the same sex; that is, they are either male or female.

The heart of the shrimp is in her head.

 The male of fox is associated with a single female throughout his life. If the female dies, he remains single throughout his life. If the male dies, the female seeks to associate with another male.

 The size of the heart of the blue whale is as the size of a large car, and its tongue reaches a length of five meters.

The head of the snake can bite even after half an hour on its cut, and the African snake  can survive without food for two full years.

The domestic fly can carry the germs up to 25 kilometers from its main source.

The frogs are born without legs.

Snail can sleep for three consecutive years.

The crocodile can not pull out his tongue from its jaw, and it moves its upper jaw when eating its prey.

The chameleon turns black when it gets angry.

The Scorpion stings himself and dies when he is surrounded by fire.

The sense of taste at the butterflies is in the feet.

The bee flaps its wings at a rate of up to three hundred and fifty times per second.

The horse can stand for a full month on its feet.

Wolves and donkeys are the most severe animals in hearing.

Pig can not look at the sky.

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