Horse information
Horse information

Horse information

Horse information, facts about the horse, where you find everything you are looking for about the horse and the its environment and everything related to it. All of this will be found here in horse information.

Horse information

The horse is a historical symbol of strength and steadfastness throughout history. Here you will learn more about the horse in horse information.

The horse

The horse is one of the mammalian animals that gives birth to a baby. It is also a single-hoofed family. It is used for riding and moving from place to place.

It is also used for hauling loads and vehicles. It is known that horses are types; some of them are pure Arabian horses, including English horses, and there are hybrid horses.

These horses differ in terms of their ability, speed, qualities and size. Horses also have many colors, including the most famous colors: red, hazel, white, gray, and black.

One of the most important features of beauty and good, which is famous for the horses is the gutter (which is white in the front), and there are important specifications for horses, including : widening eyes and groves, The front and back, the regular rolls, the curve of the neck, the strong muscles and the narrow waist. It is known that the horse has thirty-two pairs of chromosomes, while the human has twenty-three pairs.

Places to live horse

The horses live and breed in several different places; they live in the tropics as well as forests, fields and plains. Since horses are preferred by humans, they live on almost all continents and countries; horses can also be found in the desert, These horses have different physical characteristics than normal horses, in order to adapt to dry desert climate.

Horse in history

In the first period of history, the horse was used in wars and for the purposes of flattery and boasting. The horse appeared in the African countries during the conquest of the Hyksos of Egypt during the fifteenth century BC.

Which was used for the purpose of dragging light wheels, and did not use horses in agriculture and traction only during the nineteenth century, and the horse at first was riding back nude, and did not put the saddle or bridle on his mouth, and the first use of bridle and saddle was for the original Arabian horse.

The horse has not lost its place in spite of the great progress of civilization, but in fact it has increased attention to it, especially the original horse.

The stables have been set up for it, and the establishment of reviews and races for the horse is authentic, and there are many veterinarians who care about and oversee its health and comfort.

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