Essay on earthquake
Essay on earthquake

Essay on earthquake 2 Models

Essay on earthquake, in this important topic we will talk in a paragraph and a 500-word essay on earthquake. This natural phenomenon is one of the phenomena that occur in all countries of the world.

Students at all educational levels must know information and sentences about earthquakes and how to deal with them correctly. That is why we will provide you below with all the information related to this article.

Essay on earthquake

Earthquakes are natural disasters that may occur at different times, and may cause various losses. Below we will talk in an essay on earthquake, in order to mention all the necessary details to know about earthquakes.

The student must know how the earthquake occurred. He must know how to behave correctly if an earthquake occurs while he is on the street or at school.

What is the earthquake?

It is a natural disaster that occurs without realizing it and without human intervention. It is the movement of the lower layers of the earth’s interior, which leads to the movement of its surface. Whenever the internal movement is close to the surface and strong, the earthquake is devastating.

Is there a place without earthquakes?

Earthquakes occur throughout the globe from its inception until today. No place is free of earthquakes. These earthquakes may be powerful and destructive in a terrifying way. They may also be minor earthquakes and occur on a daily basis, but they are not noticeable to humans.

How does the earthquake happen?

An earthquake occurs when the inner layer of the Earth’s surface, called tectonic plates, moves. And when it moves from its place, huge amounts of energy are released that cause the outer layer to move with its buildings and facilities.

Are there abnormal earthquakes?

Earthquakes can be caused by humans and are similar in strength to an earthquake. That’s when they dig underground tunnels to extract minerals or to build railroad tracks. When these tunnels collapse, the ground shakes and the area above and below the tunnel is destroyed.

There are some experiments that cause earthquakes, such as natural ones, such as those that are conducted in seas and oceans.

When scientists try a new weapon, and this experiment is by launching it under the sea surface, it explodes and causes an earthquake to the nearest city to it.

How do we know the strength of the earthquake?

In the past, people were shocked by sudden earthquakes. Where it was destroying a large number of places without any warning to the citizens.

But with the scientific development, Earth scientists began to develop devices that tell them the coming of the earthquake before it occurs.

The strength of an earthquake is measured on the Richter scale. Where the strength of earthquakes varies according to the strength of the movement that occurred in the ground. And according to the strength of the earthquake, the external effects are.

What are the damages caused by earthquakes?

When the ground shakes, it cracks, causing roads to break and the underground conductive infrastructure to explode. Then the buildings begin to collapse, causing the death of the residents. An earthquake may cause a fire when a gas tube explodes. If the earthquake occurred near or inside a coastal city, the sea water rises to varying degrees. It may reach the point where it comes out to dry land or may reach a huge height to cause a tsunami. This tsunami drowns the city and kills the population.

Is there a way to reduce earthquake losses?

When scientists can predict earthquakes well in advance of their occurrence, losses are greatly reduced. Because it provides a good opportunity for citizens to be deported and taken to a safer place. This happens by implanting devices that tell them about the earthquake before it happens.

As for buildings, scientists have designed some buildings that are suitable for earthquakes, as they sway with the earthquake and do not fall. This gives a good chance for the survival of the building and those who live inside it to get out of it safely without collapsing.


We have come to the end of our essay on earthquake, where we learned about the causes of earthquakes and how they occur. And when an earthquake occurs, we must know how to escape from its dangers. That is why scientists have developed several new and advanced tools in order to know the date of the earthquake before it occurs.

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