Essay on poverty
Essay on poverty

Essay on poverty 3 Models

Essay on poverty explains the reasons for the spread of poverty, especially in third world countries, in addition to a short essay on poverty and how to mitigate its damage.

We will present several models on the topic of poverty such as a short essay on  poverty and a paragraph on poverty.

All of these topics are suitable for students in different educational stages, and are written by specialized professors, in an easy manner. Essay on poverty is one of the most important topics that you must practice on writing it.

Essay on poverty

Poverty is the most dangerous disease that destroys human dreams and aspirations. We write an essay on poverty to show how poverty makes a person miserable and has no ambitions, and his thinking focuses only on how to get money that secures him a decent life.

Poverty turns the life of the poor into darkness, and poverty may push a person to commit crimes he never planned.

In an essay on poverty, we will discuss the meaning of poverty, its causes, how to get rid of it, and the role of civil organizations in helping the poor.

What is the meaning of poverty?

We can define poverty as the lack of human possession of the basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, housing, treatment and education. These are essential needs for human life, and none of them can be dispensed with. We can also define poverty as not having enough money to buy the necessities of a person’s life.

Poverty is a social problem that many societies suffer from, and the concept of poverty varies from one society to another depending on the nature of that society and its economic conditions.

Whoever is considered poor in a rich country with a strong economy, may be considered rich in a poor country with a weak economy. That is, poverty is a relative thing, the scale of which varies from one country to another.

From the above it is clear that the poor is the person whose living situation does not fit with the prevailing living situation in his society.

The Reasons of Poverty

There are many causes of poverty, some of which are related to the person, and some are related to the state, but in the end it is a serious problem that affects the life of the individual, and affects the renaissance and progress of society. Among the causes of poverty are the following:

  • Wars and civil strife are among the most important causes of poverty, as wars and conflicts destroy the infrastructure of the state. In addition to allocating large sums of money to buy military equipment. Also, production is greatly reduced as young people go to conscription, and many of them are killed during the war.
    All this will lead to the spread of poverty among many segments of society.
  • The spread of epidemics is also a strong reason for the spread of poverty, because the spread of epidemics leads to the death of many people, and leaves their families without a provider. Also, many companies and factories stop working during the spread of epidemics, for example what happened during the spread of the (Covid-19) virus.
  • Natural disasters are a strong reason for the spread of poverty among people, as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, volcanoes, heavy rains or droughts are all destructive natural phenomena, and cause a lot of havoc and destruction and destroy agriculture and industry, in addition to destroying homes and others.
  • Failure to exploit the natural resources and capabilities available in the state, due to the corruption of the ruling regimes, or their being under pressure from powerful states that exploit their wealth.
  • The failure of the state’s economic policy, and the accumulation of foreign debts, caused poverty to spread because the state could not provide subsidies to poor citizens, due to the lack of funds needed for that.
  • The absence of social solidarity is one of the reasons for the spread of poverty, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and this is the result of unjust laws that serve a specific group of citizens.
  • Low salaries are a major factor in the spread of poverty, as the worker does not get the appropriate wage for his work, and therefore cannot provide for his basic needs.
  • Lack of self-development and lack of interest in education is one of the causes of poverty. Every person must develop himself and look for a suitable job.

The serious effects of poverty

  • The spread of the phenomenon of beggary in society, which is a bad and disturbing phenomenon.
  • Increase in theft crimes, when a person does not find the money needed to buy his needs and the needs of his family, he may resort to theft, and in some cases he may commit heinous crimes.
  • The high rate of unemployment among young people, and the lack of job opportunities lead to the spread of poverty among individuals, as well as to the backwardness of society.
  • Lack of interest in education is one of the negative effects of poverty, as people focus on how to earn money in any way.
  • The spread of bad morals is one of the phenomena resulting from poverty, where stress and anxiety increase.
  • The deterioration of society as a result of the spread of poverty among many sects of society, which leads to the deterioration of production and a decrease in national income.
  • Insecurity is one of the dangerous phenomena in which poverty is a cause, as the crime rate increases.
  • The spread of mental and neurological diseases as a result of the psychological and nervous pressure that the poor person is exposed to, especially for those who have children and cannot provide them with basic needs.
  • The spread of diseases among the poor is a dangerous phenomenon, because poverty prevents them from spending to improve health, where providing food, clothing and housing is more important.
  • The prevalence of suicide or suicidal ideation is one of the most dangerous negative effects of poverty, as a person feels helpless and humiliated, and despair pushes him to commit suicide.
  • Increasing family problems such as violence and divorce, because the failure to provide the basic needs of the family makes all family members live in nervous tension.

How do we get rid of poverty?

  • Redistributing wealth among people, and not discriminating one group in society over the rest of the people.
  • Achieving justice among people, and setting laws that guarantee workers’ rights, in terms of wages, working hours, and others.
  • Providing job opportunities, encouraging small projects, and lending young people the money needed to run a small project, all of this contributes to solving the problem of poverty.
  • Providing social protection for the poor, providing them with care, assisting them in providing food, clothing and housing, and providing them with appropriate education.
  • Cooperation between state institutions and international organizations in providing assistance to the poor and providing them with job opportunities.


Poverty is one of the most dangerous diseases that afflict societies, and we will present several models such as an essay on poverty, a short essay and a paragraph on poverty and how to eradicate it.

We mentioned the definition of poverty and its causes, and what are the negative effects of the spread of poverty in society. I hope you have benefited from the essay on poverty.

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