Two paragraphs

Two paragraphs

Two paragraphs in English for everyone looking for a paragraph that contains interesting and useful information. We will provide you with the first paragraph that talks about body language and its importance and how women are more able to read the body language than men. All this will be found here in two paragraphs in English. The second paragraph talks about the fear of dreams.

Two paragraphs

You will find here the second paragraph that talks about fear of dreams and who are may face a psychological problem and we will also know the reasons. All of this will be found here in two paragraphs . We have chosen to offer you two different paragraphs so you can choose between them what suits you.

The first paragraph about body language

Body language is the movements of individuals who use their hands or feet, facial expressions, shoulder shakes, head or their voice tones. These communicative movements help to understand the information better. There are some people who are more careful about their facial features, they are usually  have no desire to disclose what is inside them. A study by a psychologist found that: Only 7% of communication is by words,38% is by sound tone and 55% is by body language. If the words and body language are different, the individual tends to believe the body language. Women are also the most aware and able to read the body language of men. Women have innate ability to capture and decode non-verbal signals, in addition to having a precise eye that monitors small details. This characteristic ability may be very clear in mothers because they rely on non-verbal signals while communicating with their children.

The second paragraph about fear of dreams

Many people suffer from the problem of annoying dreams and nightmares. Studies show that an individual among two suffers from such dreams every night, and a high rate up to eight percent in adults, and rises to about fifty percent in children under the age of school and between the third to sixth years of age specifically. The high percentage of children is explained by many reasons related to the health, psychological, social and security situation of the child. Respiratory diseases, for example, help to increase the exposure to such dreams.The changes that a child experiences in his early stages, such as entering school, trying to cope with new friends, moving home, and parental problems or divorce, all have a disturbing nervous pressure expressed by nightmares and disturbing dreams.Often, the nightmare dreamer enters into a state of fear of sleep as a result of his fear of returning to the dream itself and live its events and scenes. This thing may has many results such as psychological complications or behavioral crises accompanied by chronic insomnia and fear of sleep.

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