Paragraph ideas
Paragraph ideas

Paragraph ideas

Paragraph ideas about the Children’s Day, which is celebrated in almost every country, has been signed on this day by a convention that protects the rights of the child and is committed to it by the majority of countries. All this will be found here in  paragraph ideas in English and this is what in the first paragraph. The second paragraph talks` about the International Women’s Day.

Paragraph ideas

In the second paragraph, we will provide you with important and valuable information about International Women’s Day,  we will  learn how to celebrate International Women’s Day in some countries of the world. All the information you will find here in  paragraph ideas in English and you will find here two different paragraphs you can choose from them what suits you.

First paragraph on Children’s Day

Children’s Day is also called World Children’s Day, which was declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1989,  Where this day is on the 20th of November of each year. All States have signed it, with the exception of the State of Somalia and the United States of America. The Universal Declaration for the Protection of the Rights of the Child was adopted worldwide. Children are the adornment of life and the secret of happiness and the completion of the joy of the family and the future of the nation. To spread the manifestations of joy and pleasure on this day,  fireworks and balloons are launched, and drawing in different colors on the faces of children; to draw a smile and joy on their faces.

Second paragraph on International Women’s Day

On March 8, 1908, thousands of women working in textile workshops demonstrated in New York City,  Because of the inhumane conditions and long working hours they have suffered, They called their campaign “bread and roses” where they carried pieces of dry bread and bouquets of roses during the demonstration.  Many issues have been claimed through this campaign  including granting women the right to vote, reducing long hours of work and stopping child labor.Although this campaign began from the working class, it grew up and was joined by women from the middle classes, and has become a strong feminist movement in the United States of America demanding equality, in particular, political rights and the right to vote.  Thus, the eighth of March became a day for American women . Thus, this day was circulated to other countries to become a world day for women. On this day the achievements of women are celebrated, some countries such as Palestine, Russia, Cuba and China are giving women official leave on this day.

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