Short paragraph on summer vacation
Short paragraph on summer vacation

Short paragraph on summer vacation 8 models

Short paragraph on summer vacation  contains everything  about how to spend the summer vacation and how to use your spare time in useful things and fun at the same time, all this will be here in Short paragraph on summer vacation.

Short paragraph on summer vacation

Summer vacation is very fun and comes after the fatigue of the school year, but the important thing is that it gives us a chance to rest and also to develop our skills , and this information will be here in Short paragraph on summer vacation.You will find more than one paragraph to choose what suits your ideas.

 The first paragraph

After every school year there is a lot of free time for the students,  they need to fill this great time with useful things because if they do not use it for the good they will use it for the evil.If you want to take advantage of the summer vacation you have to use it in the development of your abilities and talents. If you have a talent, you have to develop it by participating in sports clubs if it is related to sports, if you love music you have to take advantage of the holiday to learn it, and so you have spent a good time and learned something useful .

The second paragraph

Languages, how useful to the person and learn it to feel happy and excellence, why not use your summer vacation to learn a new language English or French, for example. Learning language today benefits you tomorrow at school and university and even at work, making you a special person and different from others, meet friends and dictate your free time for the best of you.

The third paragraph

You can spend your summer vacation in many things that is fun and useful at the same time.Have you thought that you would devote a portion of your time every day to reading a book in science, literature, technology or Islamic stories, or any book that raises your intellectual level and increases your knowledge  to benefit you in your academic and practical life? Make time to read a part of a book you love.Exploiting time is a nice thing but you have to know how to take advantage of your time to benefit you.

Summer vacation paragraph

Last summer vacation was very wonderful because I was able to work hard and improve my physical abilities and raise the muscle mass in my body.

I have been suffering from thinness since my childhood, but during the summer vacation I was able to participate in a sports club on the beach and train on a daily basis throughout the week, specifically 6 days a week. I was able to follow a diet, work on improving my fitness and my general appearance.

I had a lot of fun enjoying the beach, training and building relationships, both with the coaches and with the people involved in the club.

It was a wonderful and excellent summer vacation and I was very happy to achieve something useful for myself with it.


write a paragraph on summer vacation

About the last summer vacation, I can say that it is great that life is gradually returning to normal, and there are some activities and places that we can go out and enjoy going to. Since the spread of the Corona epidemic, the whole world has stopped all activities and public areas that are basically crowded.

Therefore, it was great during the summer vacation to reopen the beaches and transportation, while following the generally accepted guidelines for safety.

This holiday we were able to go to the beach, enjoy the sun, swim in the sea, go out to the gardens and walk in the streets, as we used to do before.

I can say that the last summer vacation was wonderful for one main reason that I learned from the experience we went through, which is the appreciation of what we have.

Everything that we were deprived of during the Corona period, such as meeting family and friends outside, sitting, hiking, swimming or riding transportation, all the things that we missed, and when we got back to it, I really felt a great appreciation for what we had in the past and don’t appreciate it.



Paragraph about summer holiday

The last summer vacation I found it wonderful, I was in great need of such, despite the obligatory circumstances that were going through all the world due to the Corona epidemic, but I was very happy to be at home and talk to my family and get close to each other and understand some of the points of view that I thought they were wrong.

I was able to know how much they love and fear me, and that their advice to me was in order. Therefore, I find that last summer vacation is one of the best vacations.

Through it I was able to discover myself and what I want, and when we are careful and not rush into our desires, we have enough time to think without haste, and we find ourselves wrong and that they have a correct point of view.

I was able to learn a lot about the stage I am going through from trying to prove myself and define my goals and choices because of the age I am going through.

I was able to learn many things  when I listened for a long time to them and understood what was going on around me.

Therefore, I am very happy with this holiday, I loved it so much, and I am even more happy that it made me close to my family and made me feel the amount of love and concern that they have towards me.



Short paragraph on summer vacation

Last summer vacation was so cool, I could learn to ride a bike. I can remember the happy moments I spent learning with my father, and how he surprised me by buying me a bike, and taking me to learn to drive it in the park. I spent a lot of days learning to drive and roaming the streets of the area where I live.

And I loved it so much when my mother took me to a store that sells accessories for bikes, and she brought some pretty things that made her look great and fit very girls.

I also liked that we were able to go to the beach last summer vacation, return to normal life and see family and relatives.

I also enjoyed a lot of shopping with my mother and going to the market or stores, this made me feel relaxed and psychologically comfortable, after sitting at home for a long time last year due to the spread of the Corona epidemic.


Paragraph about summer vacation

Every summer vacation we experience has its own flavour. In the last summer vacation, we were able to return to practice several activities that we were not able to do in recent years, which made us yearn to return to normal life and practice the normal activities that we used to do.

The effect of solitude on the mind and body may be great, and it needs to change and exercise, go shopping, or wander from time to time to bring out the negative energy inside us.

I could notice a big difference last summer. That everything we do in our normal life tastes different from previous years, and that depriving us of it made us appreciate it and feel its importance, and that we were in bliss and a wonderful life, and we did not appreciate that before, but we were able to appreciate it after losing it.

I hope in the coming years we can return to normal life, and benefit from and enjoy the normal life around us. I enjoyed a lot when I could go shopping in the malls, go to the beach and enjoy the water and sunshine. I also enjoyed the cinema more, and I felt like a little girl and this is my first time.

I also went for a walk with my friends, and went out from time to time to wander the area or go jogging. All of these things I longed for her so much and I am glad to have her back again


Summer vacation paragraph in English

I enjoyed a lot last summer vacation, and I was able to participate in several sports activities, and go to the club again. I was also able to make new friends, go out and take a walk in the city streets, and go to several newly established new cafes that have a wonderful and modern design.

I was also able to get close to my family and share some family games with them, and I found that being with them is fun, builds a good relationship and makes the understanding between us greater. I reduced my use of the mobile and communicating with friends all the time, or browsing on social networking sites. I became more interested in reading and learning.

So I think that last summer vacation was wonderful and I was able to improve many things that were occupying me.
I was able to learn many things by reading in several disciplines, including psychology, which gained me confidence in myself and made me speak fluently with family and friends, and opened up and talked about many topics.

So the summer vacation was wonderful and I expect more wonderful and exciting things this year.


Write a paragraph about your summer vacation

I was able to benefit from my last summer vacation by learning several hobbies, including drawing, swimming,
I had the pleasure of participating in this mathematics at a club near our house.

For a long time I was afraid of the sea because I could not swim and did not have the courage to learn from my father or one of my family members.

But I decided to face this fear and learn to swim. Indeed, in a short time I was able to learn. When we went to the beach, I found that swimming in the sea water is more easy and convenient, and not as stressful as the swimming pool.

I was very happy because I was able to face my fear, which helped me to be encouraged and try to learn drawing, which I wanted since my childhood to learn and professionally. I am now still learning and progressing well, I hope to become a professional in this hobby and become very good at it, and it will be my destination and my job when I grow up.

Next year, I hope to join a course to learn calligraphy and improve it. This is one of the outstanding matters that I would very much like to finish as well.

I am very much looking forward to next year’s vacation, and preparing some errands to learn and enjoy through it and make some friends.

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