Vacation essay in English
Vacation essay in English

Vacation essay in English

Vacation essay in English contains many suggestions and ideas on how to spend the vacation in things that benefit you and develop your personality and skills and also make you feel fun, and all those suggestions will be found here in vacation essay in English.

Vacation essay in English

There is no doubt that everyone is waiting for the vacation after the exhaustion of work or study, but how do you enjoy the holiday  and activities that benefit and sharpen your personality and at the same time move away from laziness and inactivity? … This is what we will learn here in vacation essay in English.

  The vacation

The sun is a wonderful and warm in summer holiday and the sky is beautiful.

Regardless of the fact that this sun may be burning most of the time and that the weather is hot but this holiday comes after the trouble of studying,so it must be well exploited.

Many things you can do, and here are some suggestions on how to use the summer vacation:

You can travel to a certain country to spend time and enjoy the atmosphere of that country and learn about its habit and its culture and civilization.

You can take advantage of the holiday to learn something new, like learning another language you love, or learning to draw for example.

You can practice some sports, there’s no doubt that summer vacation is a very good time to learn swimming.

You can also do some voluntary and charitable work, as these activities, besides contributing to the development of the community, also help to develop your personality.

There are some centers where you and your friends can register, which are specialized in fun and entertaining summer activities and events.

If you do not want to join the summer club, you can do some activities with your friends.

You can also apply for work in the summer, as this will strengthen your personality , and it may help you to choose the right job for you in the future and to guide you to what you love.

You can also take some time to develop your culture, where you can choose a collection of books with a special theme and suitable for your interests and reading these books during the holiday.

Agriculture brings human comfort, you can take part of your time in agriculture .

On a beautiful day ,you can go out with your family or friends to the beach or to the amusement park or the zoo and even the city museum.

These suggestions may be traditional, especially in the period of technological development we are experiencing, but in the presence of smart phones, interpersonal relations have diverged, and those traditional activities  will restore these relationships and develop and enjoy the soul.

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