Presentation about the mother
Presentation about the mother

Presentation about the mother

Presentation about the mother,contains all the important information about the role of the mother and her preference for us and also our duty towards her, all that you will find here in presentation about the mother.

Presentation about the mother

Mother is a wellspring of tender and inexhaustible,  the mother is the one who rejoice to your joy and sadness for your grief and always supports you towards success and progress and you will know here the virtue of our mother and our duty towards her in Presentation about the mother.


Hello, my name is (your name) ,I will present  today  a topic on motherhood and the importance of her role in society. I will also present some illustrations. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them all  after I  finish.


Mother, this small word, but equivalent to the whole world, if it was not for the mother was not life, she takes care and provide the fetus with the material needed, even at the expense of her health and body.

Pregnancy is a journey of torment, fatigue and pain, then the mother’s service to her children began when he was a worm in the womb.

And continue the process of giving after the birth of the child is to take care of him and provide him with what he needs and maintain and protect him from diseases and continue so even after these children grow. 

She refuses to be comfortable but to continue and follow all their activities, and with all this, what should these children have to do to be grateful to the beauty of this virtuous mother.

 The duties of the children towards their mothers:

righteousness and obedience and listen to her talk with respect .

Do not mock anything she says and not leave her alone in the house .

Respect the advice that may be provided, but must be aware of its importance and that it will be implemented with all love.

Work to bring happiness to her heart and joy and pleasure and keep away from bothering or causing her anger or grief.

From the duties of the children towards their mothers: righteousness and obedience and to talk to her about her excellence and glories and the importance of her role.

requested satisfaction from her permanently.

Work on her service and provide food to her and work to make her work and maintain the cleanliness of her home.

Respect for her friends and relatives and their relationship, especially after her death.

If she can not read, it is necessary to read the Qur’an before her and teach her about the matters of religion and what is imposed on her.

Make gifts to her from time to time and allocate a monthly amount to her to buy what she needs and wants.

Taking her out of the house to change the atmosphere.

Inform her of any new developments in the world, even if it does not absorb much of the talk, but this talk increases her self-confidence; because you must always remember that she is the one who taught you before you can read and understand what is going on around you.

Praying for her with forgiveness, guidance and compassion and asking the highest heavenly homes for her whether she was alive or dead.


Thank you for your attention, I hope you have benefited from the subject and liked it. Now, I will answer questions with pleasure.

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