presentation about technology
presentation about technology

presentation about technology

presentation about technology , contains all the information about technology and how it evolved ,all this will be found here in the presentation about technology . You will find an introduction and a conclusion to the presentation. All you need to do is attach the content to the illustrations and use PowerPoint.

 presentation about technology 

Technology is indispensable in the life of every human being and here we will learn about its importance and benefits in the presentation about technology in English.


Hello … My name is … I will present to you today a theme about technology , I hope you will like it. I will answer all questions in the end with pleasure.



The advent of modern technology has made great changes in our contemporary life,  Man before technology did not know much of the modern means in his life, but was based on simple primitive tools in everything.

History shows how primitive man used stones in the fire used to cook food and so on, Wood was also used in the manufacture of spears for hunting animals and other primitive methods.

And then over the years, these methods gradually developed until we reached the peak of technological progress in our time, where technology knocked people and stormed their homes without permission.

What are the most significant changes made by technology in our contemporary life?.

In communications

People used to resort to simple methods of communicating with each other,  One of these methods is postal mail, which was carried by the postman from one area to another.  And then it was newly developed and entered the home phone where people become connected with each other.

Then things changed  and developed to invent a cell phone that has made a huge change in the field of communications where people managed to communicate with each other no matter where they are and no matter how far distances, This development has made the world look like a small village where thousands of people are connected.

In the field of the Web

After the invention of the Web and when it became accessible to all people filled the pages of millions of sites that serve people in their lives by providing information and knowledge and allow people to communicate with each other through programs that allow the viewer to see the fixed image and mobile.

 In the field of transportation

After the people used animals and horse-drawn vehicles, the car appeared to make a big difference in the lives of people and to be able to move from place to place in a short period of time without incurring the burden and fatigue.

In the areas of life in general

The electric power of people has been built for their homes and roads, and they have been used in the operation of electrical appliances, factories.

Many modern tools have appeared that have facilitated people’s lives and for example a vacuum cleaner that has been replaced by old tools that are used in it.

As well as electric heating device for food and various foods called (microwave).  And the ordinary oven and electric, which facilitated the housewife, food processing and preparation and many other modern tools that were really a blessing from God to contemporary man.


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