Presentation about colors
Presentation about colors

Presentation about colors

Presentation about colors , contains all the information you want to know about colors and the meaning of each color. Each color has a specific meaning and expresses different feelings and connotations. Here we will learn about all the color implications  in the presentation about colors.

Presentation about colors

There is no doubt that the colors are endless and the more color you add to the color you will get a new color, but each color has a meaning and express certain feelings. All of this will be found here in a presentation about colors.


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Colors have different meanings, symbols and uses depending on cultures and religions. Since ancient times, colors have been given a great deal of attention because of their connection to the sense of sight, internal sensations and psychological situations.

It is also a way of distinguishing between things in nature and the universe.  In addition to black and white, man classified colors into major colors, They are colors that can be incorporated into all other colors, They are red, blue,  and yellow, and sub-colors are orange, green. and violet.

Color semantics

 White color: is the color of optimism, which indicates purity and cleanliness , also symbolizes honesty, serenity and transparency.

Black Color:  Is the color of the night, including a sign of the end of the day, independence and autism, which represent the situation of people at night, and symbolizes the seriousness and maturity and strength, It is an expression of sadness.

The red color: is a powerful warm color that awakens emotions and draws attention. Therefore, it is used in symbols and expressions of alert and warning. It is a sign of war, violence and force. It represents the color of blood that is applied in the human body and gives it life. It symbolizes joy, love and attachment. 

Blue color: The color of the sky, including the sign of calm and peace, and the color of the sea, including a sign of recovery , rest and activity, as well as blue symbolizes the masculinity and express the youth, in addition to the expression in nature from the winter and cold.

 Yellow color: is the color of gold and warmth and luster, suggests the brightness and hope that accompanies the summer, and sends happiness and joy. It is also considered the most influential color in the mind and memory, yet it is often associated with other colors being so brilliant .

Orange color: is a combination of equal amounts of red and yellow, Thus, it also combines the connotations of the two colors. It is a bright and vibrant colors.  In nature, it represents autumn colors, so it also signifies change and transition.

Green color: is a combination of equal amounts of blue and yellow. A color of grass, nature and spring, including   activity and confidence and health. It also symbolizes the positive, growth and increase, and suggests stability, tranquility and reconciliation with the self.

Violet color: or purple is a combination of equal amounts of blue and red, a color that has long been associated with kings, with a sense of sophistication and richness. Violet also expresses romance and smoothness, as well as imagination and creativity.


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