Paris presentation

Paris presentation

Paris presentation, contains all the important information and details about Paris and everything you want to know about this picturesque city so you can present the presentation of Paris . And you will also find an introduction and a conclusion to the presentation. All you have to do is to attach the content to some illustrations using PowerPoint.

Paris presentation

Paris is one of the most important tourist and industrial cities in the world and you will find here all the details that will benefit you in Paris presentation .


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City of Paris

The city of Paris is located in the northern part of the Republic of France, one of the richest, most beautiful and most attractive cities in the world.

It has the largest population in comparison to other French cities and has a population of more than two million.It covers an area of ​​approximately 105 square kilometers.In the middle of it is the Seine River, which divides it into two halves

Paris is famous for its elegance, fashion, literature and arts.It also contains many shops that include the most famous international brands, as well as international fashion houses and world-renowned designers.

The reason for the naming of Paris by this name

The reason for the naming of Paris by this name back to its first inhabitants of the Gaul tribe known as the Parisian. Paris is known internationally as the City of Lights or the City of Light, this is because it is the first city in Europe to be lit by lamps.

And is one of the most important tourist cities, which attracts millions of tourists annually from different countries of the world. It contains four international airports, most notably the Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly Airports.

Paris Economy

The city of Paris is an important center of the economy, with many French and international companies. It relies heavily on tourism and advanced industries such as the automotive industry.

Paris is an important center for the French automobile industry, as well as other industries such as perfume and women’s luxury clothes which are sold in high-end shops in the city, and the city also has headquarters for the largest French newspapers.

Top landmarks in Baris

Avenue Champs Elysées

Is the most famous and prestigious street in Paris and in France in general, and extends for a distance of about 1.9 km from the Arc de Triomphe to the square of Concorde containing the Egyptian obelisk in the middle.

It contains many cafes and restaurants, theaters and shops that contain the finest and most luxurious brands of clothing, makeup and perfumes, and there are many events throughout the year.

Arc de Triomphe

The construction of this monument began during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in commemoration of the victories of the French army.

It took thirty years to build. It is currently located at the beginning of the Champs-Elysées in Charles de Gaulle Square.

The names of the French wars and some of the names of the French soldiers have been engraved on its walls . It is about 50 meters high.

Louvre Museum

 Located on the north bank of the Seine, this museum houses many famous paintings, antiques and precious antiques, such as the Mona Lisa, one of the most famous paintings in the world, the Venus de Mello statue, and a number of Egyptian artifacts brought from Egypt during the French campaign.

And the number of pieces of art in it are nearly one million pieces.

Palace of Versailles

Located in Versailles, approximately 25 km from Paris, one of the largest royal palaces in the world, built by King Louis XIV, this palace has been declared a museum since 1833 and surrounded by a large garden known as Versailles garden.

The Eiffel Tower

Is the symbol of the city of Paris and its longest and most famous landmark, a 324-meter-high iron tower designed by Gustave Evel at the centennial of the French Revolution, near the Seine in Champ de Mars garden.

Cathedral of Our Lady

Is a medieval Gothic masterpiece, the main religious building in Paris, consisting of engraved inscriptions in the rock.


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