Essay on spring season
Essay on spring season

Essay on spring season 8 Models

Essay on spring season, This topic is considered one of the light and interesting topics that are frequently mentioned in exams at various educational levels.

In this subject, the student must give free rein to his imagination so that he can describe all the beautiful aspects of nature. He must describe everything he knows or sees of greenery and colors.

That is why we will provide you below with an accurate and detailed description of this special topic, which talks about spring and its beauty.

Essay on spring season

When God created the year, he divided it into four seasons in order to suit the nature of man. Man, by his nature, does not like long routines and gets bored of not changing. If the whole year is one season, people will become bored , and they may suffer from depression and multiple diseases, due to the long duration of the climate.

There is a season called spring, and it is characterized by moderation in climate. This season comes to comfort people after the harshness of winter. In winter, the sun sets and the climate becomes very cold, which causes various diseases to people.

Therefore, spring comes in order for the sun to gradually return and the temperature to rise in a way that prepares people to get out of winter, and then receive a very hot summer after spring.

This means that spring is a preliminary month when people begin to catch their breath and enjoy the look of flowers and wildlife that were hidden from view during the winter.

In the spring, people go out for a walk without feeling too hot or too cold. Among the most beautiful places that are suitable for spring and find great demand, are the public gardens, which become in their most beautiful state with the advent of spring.



Spring season paragraph

Spring season is one of the four seasons of the year. And as we all know that the seasons of the year are different from each other in the climate and the type of crops grown in each season.

The most important characteristic of the spring season is that its climate is moderate between extreme heat and extreme cold.

As we know that winter is the season of cold, rain and snow. In the winter we don’t go out of the house and we can’t move freely.

As for the summer, it is one of the hottest seasons of the year, especially during daylight hours. It is impossible to go outside under the scorching sun. As for the clothes, they are very light and cotton.

As for the most important crops in the spring, they are flowers that bloom intensely and beautifully. We get to know the spring when we smell a good smell in the air, and the smell of flowers and roses dominates the rest of the surrounding atmosphere, so gardens starts in arranging flowers and cleaning herbs to attract visitors on a daily basis.



My favourite season spring essay

My favorite season is the temperate season, where we don’t get too cold or too hot, which is unbearable in many places.

In the winter, the climate is very cold, as we find it difficult to go out of the house or live without warm air conditioning.

As for the summer, it is so hot that we cannot sleep or go out because of the heat of the sun. As for leaving the house, winter and summer are like each other, as we are unable to move and go out freely, whether during the day or at night.

Not going out causes us big problems such as being late for important work dates, or being late for school, which causes a decrease in grades or missing exams due to bad weather.

As for the spring, it comes between winter and summer, as it is characterized by its potential climate. We do not need to use air conditioning, and in the spring we can go to school and work without interruption.



Spring essay

Spring begins on the 21st of March and ends around the 23rd of June as it begins after the summer month. Spring is considered a precursor to the transition from cold to heat.

But if the weather changes from extreme cold in winter to extreme heat in summer, a person will be shocked and sick.

But the gradual transition that occurs during the spring, where temperatures gradually rise, will prepare people for the next season.

This is what doctors say about the benefit of the spring season for humans, because humans have a special nature where their bodies are exposed to fever due to the transition from a cold climate to a hot climate or vice versa.

As a person goes out for a walk in the sun and then returns to bathe in cold water, which causes him to fever and lung diseases, and if he does not receive the correct treatment in this case, he may contract pneumonia or may die.



Spring season essay in English

Several natural phenomena coincide with the advent of spring, including the return of animals, birds, and insects to life. Where most animals spend the winter in their burrows or in the period of hibernation.

Among the most famous animals that hibernate are bears of various kinds, as they hide in burrows and caves for fear of freezing, and feed on the fat accumulated in their bodies until spring comes.

In addition to the spread of a large number of plants, especially those that have a flower, where flowers of all kinds bloom. And we will not forget the plants that bloom and bear fruit in a delightful way.

Unlike autumn, which is the opposite of spring season, which is characterized by the death of plants and the yellowing of all leaves to gradually wither and then fall to the ground.

As for the general form, autumn makes people feel melancholy and sad. This is due to the disappearance of flowers and fruits, and everything turns yellowish-brown.



The season i like most spring essay

When I was young I went on a trip with my friends to the park. When we arrived we found the flowers had bloomed and spread all over the place. The scent of the flowers was so amazing. The atmosphere was fresh and the nature beautiful.

Suddenly we saw large amounts of swarms of butterflies heading towards us. I love butterflies very much but have never actually seen them before. I’ve been seeing pictures of her in comic books and fairy tales. When I saw her in the garden I was very happy.

I asked the teacher why the flowers are blooming and the butterflies are everywhere? She told me that it was spring. I love this attractive season and look forward to it every year, to go to the gardens and enjoy the beautiful scenery that makes me feel calm and courageous.



Descriptive essay on spring season

If you are a color lover, you will not find better than the spring season to see the beautiful colors of nature. In the spring, all countries of the world celebrate holidays that have a special character.

One of the most famous of these holidays is the Spring Festival, in which people paint eggs in all possible colors. After preparing the eggs, they buy salted and dried fish and bread, and some onions and leafy greens must be brought. They gather together to go to public parks for the purpose of spending the day and eating. After the food is finished, the children get to play with the ball or run races.

There are other types of holidays such as Holi, which India is famous for. On this holiday, people wear clothes and go out to the streets. And everyone starts spraying colors on each other randomly while laughing which colors clothes and faces in a beautiful and cheerful way. After spraying the colors, they distribute sweets to each other.



Short essay on spring season

Spring season is the season that enchanted minds and encouraged poets to write the most beautiful phrases that capture the hearts of readers. When the poet goes out to find a topic to write about, he is affected by the beautiful nature

There is no more beautiful nature than the spring season when the earth turns into a green panel decorated with flowers.

Therefore, we find most of the beautiful poems talking about the beauty of flowers and their different colors. There are poems that talk about nature and the sun.

As for the romantic poems in which the writer flirts with his beloved, he likens her to a rose because of the color of her cheeks. Or he uses the famous analogy that his lover’s hair is like a golden sunbeam.

We will not forget the color of the eye, as it resembles its eyes with the clear blue water that flows in the river, or the water that falls from the top of the mountain in the form of a waterfall that attracts attention.

We can imagine a world without spring and its beautiful nature. It will be barren and full of gloom. Spring is the season of happiness and activity, whether for humans or for the rest of the creatures.


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