Essay on who am i
Essay on who am i

Essay on who am i 19 Models

Essay on who am i, Who am I, this important topic is frequently repeated in the tests that come to students at various educational levels. Therefore, we will provide you with the following several models, which will provide the student with a large amount of sentences and information that will enable him to write the subject with ease. We will provide students with ready-made forms in order to make it easier for them to write and for the student to learn the basic steps for writing this type of topic in which the student needs to talk about himself.

Essay on who am i

I’m going to start by telling you that I’m a middle school student. I live in a small house with my family consisting of father, mother and brothers. I have 4 younger brothers. I am the eldest boy in the family, so my father relies on me for all the tasks.

During the day, I bring all the necessities of the house from outside. And during the night I study my lessons diligently, so that I can excel and succeed continuously.

I like to play football during the weekend. 3 of my friends live near me at school, so I go with them to play and have a good time. I am looking forward to the weekend so I can meet my friends and go out with them.

Last week we went to see a movie in the cinema. It was a science fiction movie. We loved the movie and had a great time together.

As for my dreams and aspirations for the future, I hope to excel in my studies and go to university. I wish to play football in a famous club. I love soccer and wish to play as a professional soccer player in a club. I hope to become a famous player and win for my team. As for my family and friends, I wish them happiness and that we will never part from each other.



Who am i essay example

I am an elementary school student. I live with my father and mother and I have no brothers. My father works in the oil company. Because of the nature of his work, he stays at work for a long time and only comes home for two days.

My mom works as a cook in a pizzeria. I love my mom and go with her to work during the school holidays. I love to watch my mom make pizza. When I grow up I hope to work as a cook like my mom. My father’s work is hard and not fun, so I don’t want to do the same.

Last weekend my mom taught me how to make new kinds of pizza. I could make it myself and without her help. Next year I’m going to work with her at the restaurant.

And when I go to high school I will travel to Italy, to learn Italian pizza and come back to do this special job.




Who am i essay in understanding the self

In order to try to understand myself, it took several years for me to begin to form several important pieces of information about myself.

Among the most important of this information is what I like in life and what I do not like. And the thing I’m going to start talking about is which subjects I like the most. I prefer mathematics and I wish to continue my studies in university to become a mathematics teacher.

One of the subjects that I do not prefer is history, which I find difficult, and  I will not study it at the university level. There is also the subject of drawing, which is one of my favorite subjects, as I consider it a recreational subject and practice drawing in my spare time. The practice of drawing is one of the most beautiful things that improve the mood and relax the nerves.



Who am i essay 300 words

I live with my grandparents on a horse farm, where my grandfather has been a horse breeder for 30 years. I was five when my mom and dad traveled to work abroad.

I came to live with my grandfather and grandmother so as not to move out of my school. I help my grandfather with all the farm work.

As for school, I like to go there and meet friends. At school I work hard and study my lessons in an orderly manner so that I can get good grades.

I hope to go to university to study engineering like my father. When I finish my studies, I will travel abroad to live with my father and mother.

But until then I will not travel anywhere, but I will stay with my grandfather on the farm to help him with his business.

Especially after I learned how to take care of young horses, which need specialized care. I learned how to feed her and train her to take part in running and jumping races.



Who am i essay for students

If you are a student at any educational level, you must learn how to talk about yourself. In order to talk about yourself, you must start by writing your age and some personal information about you.

One of the most important pieces of this information is where you live and with whom you live. Then you can talk about the school year you are attending or talk about the school. At school you may talk about friends, whether they are favorites or not. You can talk about teachers and their qualities.

You can talk about your favorite sport and the hobbies you practice on public holidays. As for your ambitions and dreams in the future, you should mention them at the end of your talk about yourself, so that whoever reads your words will know that you are an ambitious person and you wish to have a good future.



Who am i essay brainly

As for the mind, it is different from one person to another because of the difference in thinking. Thinking is formed through education in the home and the environment surrounding the person.

If the father and mother are highly educated, they talk to the child in a rational manner, which develops his mind and thinking.

This is what makes him distinct from his colleagues in thinking and making appropriate decisions. Conversely, when there are uneducated and confused parents in life, meaning that they do not know right from wrong, they convey to the child superficiality and confusion.

This family results in children with limited thinking who do not act in a rational manner. We find that they get into trouble and choose the wrong people to enter their lives. As for decisions, they are wrong and illogical, but taken on the basis of emotional thinking or deceptive appearances.



Who am i as a person essay

As a person, I am a person who loves arts and landscapes. One of the scenes that I love to watch is the sunset, where I feel great calm and psychological comfort.

Another view that I like to sit and watch is the blue sea waves. These waves have a fascinating shape that cannot be resisted. So I take the notebook and the colors with me and I draw the scenes that I see in front of me.

Last year, I managed to draw several paintings, some of which express nature and some of them express some of the features and faces of people I see by chance.

But in the end I participated in an exhibition of paintings and my paintings were shown in this gallery. It has been admired by critics and visitors.

That is why I consider myself a lucky person and tend to be isolated and practice the arts that bring out what is inside me on paper.



How to answer who am i essay

If you find this type of essay on your test, you should talk in an organized way about yourself. You should start talking by introducing yourself with a few simple sentences. Including talking about your age and your family.

You should describe your home and any member of your family that you like to talk about. Then you can talk about the school in detail, describing colleagues and close friends. Talk about the subjects you love and explain why you love them.

It is possible to talk about the weekend and how to spend it. And you can talk about the summer vacation and how to take advantage of it.

And don’t forget to talk about your hobbies and why you prefer them over others. At the end of the article, you can talk about the future, such as talking about your dreams and ambitions in detail.



I am who i am essay

Who i am?

There are very few people who know who they are. There are few who can talk about themselves in an organized and detailed manner.

In order to speak for yourself, you must know what you must talk about. The first thing is to talk about the personal information around you. Like saying where do you live and with whom do you live. Do you feel happy in your home or not?

There are several details you might mention about home and family, such as describing family members and talking about your relationship with each of them in detail. Each of us has some close people and some we prefer to stay with.

You can also describe the school in the same way, describing the students and whom you would prefer to stay with.

As for sports and hobbies, you should talk about them in detail and the reasons that motivate you to choose them over others.



I am a teacher essay

I hope to be a teacher when I grow up. What made me love this job was my fourth grade teacher. He had a unique style of explaining and dealing with students.

He treated us like we were his friends, not students. During the class, he was talking to us in a funny way and making jokes. He took care of each student as if he was the only one who attended the lesson with him. And when he found a student not easily assimilated, he would give him additional lessons.

This is what made us cling to him and take him as a role model to us. We loved and respected him like a friend or an older brother.

That is why I would like to be like him and will treat the disciples in the same kind way he treated us. I learned from this teacher that teaching is a complex profession, and not a simple profession as some people think. But it is a profession that requires a unique personality.



Who am i paragraph

I am 12 years old. I live with my mom and my older brother. My father passed away when we were young. I love helping my mom with everything.

I go to school in the morning and when I arrive I meet my best friend. This friend makes me feel comfortable and happy.

And when we get home, I write homework. After I rest a little I help my mother cook. In the evening, my mother goes out to work in the café near our house. So I stay home alone.

When I feel lonely and bored I do my favorite hobby. This hobby is reading books, as I borrow several types from the library next to my school. I try to read a book every day and then bring it back to the library and get another book.

Books are the faithful friend who never leaves me. I learned many skills through reading, and I knew a lot about different places and peoples.



Who am i in my community essay

Everyone must have a certain role in their community. This role varies according to the different person and the different abilities through which he is able to serve the community well.

But how does a person get involved in society and do charitable work? The person should join a charity near his home or in his area, so that he can go out with them on organized campaigns aimed at helping others.

But he must know that there are several types of charitable work, some of which are through the delivery of clothes to the needy. It may be a delivery of money or medicine. There are also other services such as educating children for free.

One of the most important charitable works is to treat a large number of patients without assigning them a financial burden that they are unable to bear. They are examined and transferred to the operating rooms according to their condition.




Who am i essay introduction

I will talk about myself below and start with my deep love for the sport of football. I was training every day to join a big and famous club.

But when I went to school I couldn’t exercise on a daily basis, so I started going to training 3 times a week.

After a long period of training, a committee came to select some distinguished players to take them to join the big clubs.

This day was one of the best days of my life as I was chosen to become the best player. So I was transferred to the club I wanted to go to. I started training at the new club with my new teammates. I feel very happy playing this game and I hope to get to a great place.



Essay on who am i 2023

I am responsible because my parents are not at home. He traveled for business abroad 10 years ago. At first I was a small and spoiled child. My father used to bring home supplies from outside. He would buy me candy and toys.

But when he left the house, my mother asked me to go out to buy supplies. At first, I was afraid to go out and interact with people. But with time I felt strong and started to deal with people in a smooth way.

Because of the presence of younger brothers, I had to take the responsibility and play the role of the older brother and father. When I get home I buy sweets for my little brother. And I don’t forget to buy a nice toy for my sister.

And when my father comes to visit us, I do not let him go out so that he does not leave my mother and my younger brothers. That’s why I go out like I did when he is traveling.




Who am i essay sample

I am a student in the eighth grade. I live with my mum and dad. I have 4 brothers. I love drawing so I go to practice intensively. My level has advanced greatly. I have been drawing landscapes like drawing mountains and flowers.I paint the sea and the sunset.

But after I got a little older I went to learn face painting. I found it difficult at first to draw the features of the face, but after continuing the practice I was able to draw well.

What I hope to achieve in the future is to be able to participate in painting exhibitions and competitions. I hope to go to a university that studies art in order to learn more about this field.

I hope to travel abroad to learn new types of arts that are not found in my home country. In the end, I hope to become a famous artist.



I am a hardworking person essay

I am a person who works hard so that I can achieve my dreams. I used to live with my father and mother, but we had an accident that led to their death.

I found myself alone. Because of this tragic accident, I decided to rely on myself. My family used to spend money on me and give me money to buy sweets. But now I have to earn money myself so that I can study and buy food and clothes.

I went to a factory near me to work in the evening. During the day I go to school and study my lessons. Indeed, I was able to save money to buy my important supplies.

This responsibility is one of the fun things that make you feel strong and confident in yourself. Despite all the hardships I faced, I feel very happy when I receive my salary without the help of others.



Who am i descriptive essay

Below I will describe to you some of the things that concern me. I am a high school student. I attended school because of my mother’s wish.

My mother used to work in a garment factory, but she had an accident that cut her fingers. That’s why she left the job forever.

When I finished middle school, she told me that she would like to see me at university. I wanted to work and help her, but she refused. She said, “I will only be happy when you go to university.”

Because I love her so much, I decided to let go of all the things that distract me. I began to study very seriously, and on vacation I go to the library to increase my knowledge significantly. I hope to be able to attend a reputable university so that I can find a good job.



What makes me who i am essay

The thing that made me who I am today is the encouragement and support of my family. I was a normal kid and had no problems. But at the age of four I had a serious car accident. I lost my right leg in this accident.

At first everything was different and hard. But when I watched my father and mother smile, I was happy. They were trying to make me feel that I was still the same as the beginning and that I was no different from the other kids.

My dad bought me a prosthetic foot and he’s been training me to walk with it. It was sore and uncomfortable at first, but my mom encouraged me to put up with it. I got used to the prosthetic foot and started all normal activities. Currently, my father is teaching me how to play soccer with this leg.



I am unique essay

My mother told me that I was unique, but I did not understand why she would say such a thing. When I first went to school, I knew I was unique because I had a rare spinal disease that made me shorter than my classmates. The height difference was terrifying. I was bullied on a daily basis.

But when I came home and told my mom what was going on with me, she would say  that I’m unique and that’s what makes me special. And she used to say “don’t care about bullying and ridicule, but fight them with your morals and your mind”.

Indeed, I was superior to everyone in the different grades, which made me very popular in school. Everyone started respecting me and seeing me as an intelligent person who could challenge those who thought they were better than me because of their height.

I’ve discovered that a different person has other possibilities, but wastes them if they focus their attention on negativity and bullying.



Who am i short essay

I am a student in the seventh grade. I like to go to school because I love to study. My father works as a pediatrician.

I wish I could become a doctor like my dad.

When I was four, he used to take me to work with him. I’ve been watching young children cry in pain. I watch my father trying to relieve them by giving him some toys. I loved his way of dealing with a sick child. And from that day I love this type of job.

One day, I told my father that I loved the medical profession. He told me that in order to become a doctor, I had to work hard in my studies.

Indeed, I love studying and school, and I study my lessons regularly. These days I try to read about this great profession and try to gain a large amount of information about diseases and how to treat them.



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