Essay on cycling
Essay on cycling

Essay on cycling 7 Models

Essay on cycling, cycling is one of the beautiful hobbies that has spread all over the world, because of its great benefit to human health. Where research has proven that cycling improves the health of the whole body.

Among the most important organs that get a great deal of strength because cycling is the heart and the leg, as the heart gains great strength, especially when a person uses a bicycle on a daily and regular basis. Therefore, we will provide you with everything related cycling in detail below.

Essay on cycling


The man who invented the bicycle was called the Sifrac, which was made of wood and had two wheels. The bike remained the same for several years until a man named Sauerbrunn began developing the bike, adding the front handlebar to it and making the front wheel the one that pulled the rear wheel behind it.

And after a while a man named Micho appeared, who managed to invent the pedal and sold a large number of bicycles for large sums.

The idea of the bike is to be driven by the power of the foot, where the pedal is rotated by the driver’s foot. There is a circular disc attached to a thick chain called a chain, which causes the disc to rotate as the pedal rotates. The track is attached to the front and rear wheels, causing them to spin as the pedal turns.

On the upper part there is a steering wheel that helps the driver balance turning left and right. A bicycle is a simple machine, but it has many benefits for a person.

One of the benefits of cycling for a person is that it makes him move all the muscles of the body, which gives him great flexibility.

And when the body moves, the blood circulation reaches parts that were difficult to reach before. Because of the body’s activity, the muscles are stimulated and the nerves are strengthened after they were weak.

As for the heart muscle, cycling improves significantly, as it is a muscle that needs daily training that includes moving the body and making an appropriate effort.

There are studies that say that cycling sculpts the body and makes its general shape more beautiful than the shape resulting from any other sport.



Essay on bicycle

A bicycle is a simple machine used to move from one place to another with lightness and agility. It consists of a front wheel and a rear wheel, and between them is a piece of metal called a pedal.

The passenger switches on the pedal  by foot, which pulls the wheels to move forward. In order for the wheel to run, the pedal and the wheel must be connected to a chain of metal fixed to an iron gear.

The driver is the one who drives by the pedal and the power of the foot, and by the steering wheel, which he holds in his hands so that he can control it and not fall from above it.

The bike has many advantages and it is easy to drive for those who feel nervous about driving. It is suitable for children to go to school and club without being late.

There are some elderly people who prefer cycling to exercise their legs and maintain the softness of the knee from the disease of roughness.



Paragraph on bicycle

My father works as a cardiologist in a famous hospital, so he bought bicycles for the whole family. He said it was healthy and good for the heart muscle and we should all keep driving it.

He said it improves breathing and stimulates the lungs.

He sold the car so we can get used to the bikes.

We have all noticed that our health has improved after a period of cycling.

We are more energetic than before.

As for me, my legs are getting stronger and my foot and leg muscles have swelled up which makes me happy.

As for my mum and dad, it improved their health and made their hearts stronger.

My older sister was obese, but after she got used to cycling, she started losing weight and gained a toned, tight body without sagging.

The bikes are beautiful, fun and easy to use.



Short essay on cycling

Cycling is one of the fun sports activities that a number of young people accept, as they train regularly to participate in local and international races.

There are several types of races, including short-distance racing, long-distance racing and mountain and off-road. And for each of these races, the rider must have a specific type of bike.

A mountain bike and off-road bike is not the same as a road bike. But in the end, riding a bike is one of the most enjoyable things a person can do, regardless of the type of bike.



Essay on riding a bicycle

People tend to exercise so that they can live healthy with a fit body, but with time they get bored and do not complete their training. The main cause of boredom is too much exercise and too much time.

But doctors are constantly trying to find alternative exercises to the old exercises, but it is required that they be short and quick and give the same results.

One of the most important findings of scientists is that riding a bike on a regular basis spares a person from doing 5 types of strenuous sports that require effort and a long time.

It is possible for a person to use a regular moving bike to exercise on it and get out of the house to see the light and breathe the air.

One of the advantages of the bike is that it enables the rider to be exposed to the beneficial sun, which supplies the body with important nutrients and vitamins.

But if the weather is not suitable for going out by bike, one must use the stationary bike at home. A stationary bike performs the same role as a moving bike, but it may cause a person to become depressed because of not going out.



Bicycle Essay in English

Bicycles are very important these days because they are like sports equipment, improving body shape and eliminating fat. If a person is on a diet and trying to lose weight or turn fat into muscle, they will find no better than cycling.

The bicycle helps young people who are stressed and depressed because of their stay at home for a long time to feel happy and reduce their stress. Therefore, psychiatrists advise to go out on a daily basis and ride a bike.

The bike is suitable for girls who are trying to burn fat and coordinate the body, as it gives them harmonious and tight bodies.

Therefore, everyone should start buying bicycles and take them out to all places without hesitation, in order to fight stress and depression and fight the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and buttocks, which causes many diseases, the most important of which is diabetes and blood pressure.



My bike essay

I am a student in the fifth grade. I own a blue bike with a golden dragon on the side. My uncle bought it for me as a gift for my success.

It was the best gift I’ve received in many years. When he brought it to me I was eager to ride in and out, but it was huge when I was little.

I’ve tried to learn to ride a bike but I’ve fallen too many times. So I decided to keep it in my backyard for a few years till I become taller.

Indeed, when I took it out I found it had become a perfect fit for me and I learned to ride it easily. My bike has been the best part of my life so I can’t change it.



My Bike Essay in English

My bike to me is like a close friend. I bought it many years ago which is why I used to ride it on a daily basis. When my bike breaks down I feel lonely and sad. And when the mechanic sends me to try it I’m so happy, I just drop everything and go.

I have learned that the bike must be safe so that the child does not get any serious injuries. I used to ride a bike without a helmet but when I fell off and hurt my head I decided to wear a helmet permanently.

Last year I was on my way to school and it was pouring rain, and suddenly the bike slipped and fell through the water and mud. I had some cuts in my leg and arm. But I learned not to cycle anywhere during heavy rain, because it is difficult to control.

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