Importance of trees essay
Importance of trees essay

Importance of trees essay 17 Models

Importance of trees essay, trees are very important to the earth, as they contribute to reducing pollution from toxic substances such as carbon dioxide. Trees protect cities and roads from destruction by hurricanes and floods.That is the importance of trees.

But do all people know this great importance of trees?. Unfortunately, people cut down trees for the purpose of building houses with these trees or building houses on the site of these forests.

In the following, we will provide students with several distinctive and easy models through which we will talk about the details of the importance of trees for all living organisms.

Importance of trees essay

Trees have an unimaginable importance in maintaining the balance of the earth and in preserving living creatures.

Trees are the mother and home of a huge number of creatures, large and small. There are also microorganisms on the trees that we cannot see. Every part of the tree is full of life and vitality, but we may not see this matter, or we may not realize its importance to us, and for this reason trees preserve the life of creatures from various things,

including weather fluctuations that may kill them, such as heavy rain and deadly heat.

As for food, trees are a renewable source of food, as all the surrounding organisms depend on them. Therefore, the tree provides protection and food for the organism, which protects it from the danger of extinction.

But when large areas of trees are cut down, the animals that depended on them die and become extinct. Trees are of great importance in mitigating the climate and improving the polluted environment, because they absorb gases from cars and factories.

We will not forget the great economic importance that trees give us, as we use wood for all our purposes. Trees are used to decorate places because of the beauty of their shape. We will not forget the fruits that we take from the fruit trees, which are sold locally to meet the needs of the population and the timber is sold globally to enter the country’s hard currency, and this is because we use it in home furniture of all shapes and types. Trees are used in all our lives because of the durability of wood and the ease of moving and transporting it.



Importance of trees essay 150 words

With regard to the importance of trees, scientists have indicated that the tree is the lung of the planet, as there is a lung in the human body that helps him breathe.

But why did scientists call it this name? Or why did the scholars compare it to this organ and not to any other organ?

The reason why trees are called by this name is that they help the earth to breathe, absorb harmful gasses and trap them inside, and release beneficial and necessary gasses for humans.

One of the beautiful and striking things is that there are several types of trees, and each tree has a distinctive shape and a different color.

This diversity is due to the different soil and climate, where there is a type of trees that live in hot places and there are other types that live in cold areas. And each type of them is completely different in the shape of the stem and leaves.

There are green trees, but the shade of green may vary, whether light or dark. There are trees that are not green. Its leaves are distinguished by different colors, including orange and red.

These colorful trees are of the types that are planted for the purpose of decorating gardens and homes because of the beauty of their colors.



Importance of planting trees essay

It is no secret that all countries have tended these days to encourage planting trees in a large way. The campaigns began by going to different schools, whether primary or university, in order to teach them how to plant a tree in the school or next to their house.

But why is planting trees considered important and vital? Because of the great environmental problems that are sweeping the earth these days, after the pollution index has risen dramatically. After scientists conducted a large number of researches, it was discovered that the best solution to get rid of this pollution is to plant millions of trees.

Indeed, large countries such as England have begun to develop appropriate plans for the country to be intensively forested.

But there are other countries that did not care about this matter, and did not yet pay attention to the importance of afforestation to protect the planet from destruction.

But the interested countries did not give up, but they are trying to communicate with all countries of the world through conferences and awareness campaigns, in order for everyone to learn about the importance of afforestation and start a huge and organized campaign to afforestation of their country.

When this step occurs, the land will turn into large areas of greenery, which will reduce pollution.



Important of trees essay

Why are trees so important? Why is it being given so much attention these days? The tree has several benefits for the environment and for living organisms, including that it works to rid the air of polluting gasses. The tree shades large areas around it, allowing creatures to hide from the scorching heat of the sun.

Among the trees live a large number of animals such as monkeys that live in the tops of trees and do not like to live on the ground. Birds of all kinds live in various nests in trees.

What drives these creatures to live on trees, is to hide and escape from predators that threaten their lives and the lives of their children.

As for the trees, they prevent any aggressor from climbing because of the difficulty of climbing them, and because of the dense branches that intertwine to act as a shield against any intrusive and unwanted creature in his presence.



Importance of trees essay 300 words

The importance of trees differs from each other depending on the type of tree and the place in which it is located.

When trees are located in a place with heavy snowfall, the snow accumulates on top of them and protects the place below them from being destroyed by excessive snow.

When the tree is located near a city exposed to hurricanes and strong winds, the tree protects the city from being destroyed by strong winds. This is because it intercepts the air and does not allow it to pass through except in small quantities.

As for the cities that are exposed to floods, the presence of forests around them will protect them from drowning and the water will not cause the roads to break, because the trees intercept the rushing water and disperse it far from the residential place.

Therefore, a large number of trees must be planted around the cities to protect them from any weather fluctuations or dusty air.



Importance of trees essay for class 3

Trees are of great importance to living things, especially fruit trees, from which we take all kinds of fruits that we need as healthy food for us.

There are large trees and produce distinctive fruits, such as apples that come out of a huge apple tree. There are different shapes of trees and leaves

Each type of tree has a shape that distinguishes it from others, but there are a few trees that are similar in shape and only experts in the types of plants can distinguish them.

As for the fruits, they are very diverse, and each fruit has a different color and taste. Depending on the color of the fruit, it contains a specific nutrient that optimally benefits the body. There are red fruits and orange fruits. There are green and yellow fruits. We find fruits in almost all the colors that we know, even the color purple, we find it in certain fruits.



Write a paragraph on importance of trees

A tree is a colony of a large number of living things, both visible and invisible. In the midst of the trees live all kinds of birds, which build the nest according to its type and type of tree.

There are birds that build a nest of straw and feathers and are located among the branches and twigs. There are birds that build their nests from mud and the nest is hanging from the side of the tree. And types of reptiles and insects live on trees.

There are places that contain large animals, but they live in trees. Among the most important animals that live above trees, the koala is a type of bear. Monkeys of all kinds.

There are countless microorganisms that live on or below trees. Such as ants, bugs, and insects that are not visible to the galactic eye.

Under the tree live worms of all kinds, as we find them under the soil when we dig to get something from under the soil.



Importance of trees essay 100 words

The importance of trees is great. Trees are a suitable and natural food for all living things that live on planet Earth. Each part of the tree has a specific organism that feeds on it.

As for the leaves, the creatures that live inside the tree feed on them, including monkeys and koalas. And worms and insects also eat leaves.

There are a huge number of creatures that live far from the tree but feed on leaves, including the giraffe, which eats from the leaves of huge trees.

There are a number of organisms that feed on the fruit that grows according to the type of tree. Among these creatures are diverse birds and humans.

As for the stem and roots, they are not useless for living organisms, but they are the source of food for a number of microorganisms. From the above we conclude the importance of trees and how the tree has a great role in human life.



Importance of Trees Paragraph

There are types of trees whose leaves are used to treat some serious diseases by boiling it in water and drinking the water. There are some natural healers who bring certain pieces of the tree, either from its root or from the bark. And then they grind it and put it in water or juice to treat some diseases. That is why trees gain such an obvious reputation, and this reputation has spanned thousands of years. These uses appeared as medicine on the walls of ancient temples and in the drawings and inscriptions in which the ancient man wrote down what he was practicing. There are several types that are distinguished from others because they contain therapeutic substances for some dangerous diseases. Therefore, countries are trying to preserve rare trees that are unjustly cut down, which deprives people of their good. Therefore, it was necessary to enact strict laws criminalizing a person when attacking living creatures.



Important of trees paragraph

When the ancient man wanted to build a small house to get out of the cold caves, he could not find a better house than the small house made of tree timber. Therefore, man began to make a sharp instrument out of rocks in order to cut pieces of trees with it. Indeed, man was able to build the first small house to live inside and feel happy. With the passage of time, man developed himself and began to manufacture more powerful equipment, which enabled him to cut more wood, and was able to cut it in more accurate shapes. That is why he built more sophisticated huts than before. He was able to manufacture large quantities of furniture that he used for sitting, such as chairs and sofa. He was able to make a bed that he used to sleep instead of sleeping on the floor. He was not satisfied with these things, but he kept improving himself day by day. In the end, everything in human life became highly dependent on wood.



Importance of trees paragraph for class 7

Scientists say that trees are among the oldest living organisms found on the planet, as they belong to the family of plants. Since it is so ancient, it must have enormous significance for the planet as a whole and for all living things. One of the most important benefits that trees provide to the planet is that they absorb harmful gases that cause pollution and global warming. That is why we find that public parks and forests are distinguished by the purity of the air, unlike crowded cities. These forests are disposed of until they turn into residential cities, or because the trees are used in various industries. But after humans wiped out large areas of trees, they discovered that this had caused natural disasters. Currently, humans are trying to correct their mistakes against Mother Nature, as they have launched extensive campaigns to replant trees and spread this new culture. Indeed, major and developed countries have begun to plant millions of trees in order to clean the air of carbon dioxide. This reduces the pollution caused by the amount of cars and factories that emit harmful and deadly gases.




Importance of tree plantation paragraph

We must teach young children about the importance of trees and we must all start afforestation campaigns. That is why governments must move and go to different schools, whether the first stages or the university stages. Every citizen must plant a number of trees near his home. If he has a garden, he must plant more trees, so as to shade his garden and his house. Which will save him the use of electricity and air conditioners. These uses of trees are useful for several other purposes such as protection from strong winds that may destroy the house. But if the house is surrounded by a large number of trees, it will prevent the wind and reduce its strength. The same is true of dust, as trees absorb dust between their leaves and disperse large quantities of it, unlike a place that has no trees, so you find the dust has covered it completely, causing its destruction and suffocation of the inhabitants inside.



Benefits of trees essay

As for the benefits of trees, they are great, but there are a large number of people who do not realize these benefits.

But why are people ignorant of the benefits of trees? Because of the insufficient awareness of the organizations that are responsible for the environment.

But why don’t these organizations play their role in educating people? Because there is no money allocated for these tasks, and because of the difficulty of reaching people.

However, some of these organizations have donated, planted and raised awareness of the importance of afforestation by self-effort.

Indeed, these organizations were able to plant a reasonable number of trees. After they planted the possible, they reached out to the students in schools and made them aware of tree illiteracy. Indeed, the students informed their families of the benefits of afforestation, which encouraged the parents to donate or to plant themselves.

There are nurseries that teach the child how to plant and encourage him to plant some plants, whether at school or around his home. Which will create generations aware of the benefits of trees and maintain them or plant new trees constantly.



Importance of trees essay 2023

At the beginning of the discourse on the importance of trees, we must agree that living organisms will not live in stability without trees. Trees make a strange balance in the globe.

But why are trees so important? Because of the benefits it offers to the planet and to humans. Unfortunately, humans have consumed a large number of trees in the manufacture of their various purposes, as wood is one of the best materials known to man.

Humans should plant several trees instead of the tree they cut down, so that the land can make up for what it lost due to the disappearance of trees.

People must know that trees take many years to grow, so existing trees must be preserved and not cut down without prior planning or approval from governments.

It must be remembered that the attack on forests is a crime that causes the destruction of wildlife and the extinction of a large number of animals whose extinction leads to an imbalance in the ecological balance.




Write a paragraph on value of trees

The value of trees is great and varied because they are full of goodness for different living beings and for man. If we look around us, we will find that trees are the most useful organism that provides benefits to those around it.

If we look again, we find that these benefits are different and not just one benefit.

Among the value of  trees is that they provide housing for types of living things, whether they live inside them or take trees from them to make their homes.

People make boats from the wood of trees, which allows them to go down to the sea and enjoy its bounties. One of the most important of these bounties is the extraction of fish, which people benefited from as an important source of healthy food.

One of the values of trees is that humans used them in the manufacture of huts and wooden carts drawn by horses. This enabled him to travel to neighboring countries to trade and buy foodstuffs that were not available in his country.

Of course, man was not satisfied with these benefits, but he made military equipment to defend himself, such as arrows, spears, and others. They were made of wood and a piece of metal was placed in the front. Indeed, man advanced in the manufacture of war wheels from wood and fought wars until he defeated the enemies.



Essay on importance of trees in 200 words

In order to talk about the importance of trees, we must know what trees are. It is a type of plant and is considered one of the strongest and oldest plants. It is considered one of the perennial organisms that may live for many years as long as humans do not uproot them. But if humans cut down trees, they take a long time to grow again.

This is what people discover when they need to plant new trees. That is why governments decided to reduce the cutting of trees and plant new trees constantly in order to avoid the lack of trees and the long period of their growth.

Trees are an essential source of food and housing for huge numbers of living things. There are many types of trees, including trees dedicated to decoration. It is characterized by the beauty of its external appearance, which facilitates the process of selling and buying it for the purpose of decorating public places and home gardens.

There are types of trees that are considered rare and therefore are sold at exorbitant amounts. There are other types from which fruits are taken for the purpose of eating and are not sold for decoration, but they are sold to farmers in order to extract the fruits from them and they are sold either inside the country or are exported.



Essay on floods

Due to the increase in floods in the past years and their appearance in places where there was no way for floods, it was necessary to talk about this important topic.

That is why we will talk below about the cause of the floods and why they began to occur in a large way. We must mention the types of floods and how to control them in order to reduce losses.

Essay on floods

Floods are natural disasters that strike the country and cause severe destruction. In order to know what the flood is, we must know its nature, as the water rushes in an excessive manner.

What happens is that the water is so large that it floods cities and crops. But do floods have certain causes? Of course floods are caused by heavy rains or the collapse of dams.

Floods cause huge loss of life and property. Because of the power of water that destroys homes and drowns people and animals. As for the public roads, floods destroys it greatly and drowns cars.

We will not forget what happens to the infrastructure, which is massively damaged, as the electricity networks are destroyed and telephone wires are cut off. The infrastructure related to sewage  is also collapsing, as water overflows from its permissible need.

Like any natural disaster, there are 3 types of floods, some of which happen unexpectedly, and that is when the water level rises and rushes strongly after heavy rains.

There is a type resulting from the increase in the level of river water due to melting snow or the accumulation of rain water in it. The last type is due to the rising sea water and its rush towards coastal cities, and this type is called a tsunami.

The last type is the type that occurs due to earthquakes and huge storms on the coasts. Scientists have noticed that floods have increased dramatically over the past years, and this has important reasons.

One of the most important causes of flooding is that the Earth’s temperature increases dramatically, which leads to melting snow and a rise in water levels. The rise in the water level leads to the destruction of dams and the rush of water towards the lower areas.

There is no guaranteed way to prevent floods, because of the force of water, which humans cannot control. But there are some attempts, such as building dams in places where water collects, in order to retain water behind.

Also, people live in high places and flee from low areas because they are a direct target of floods. And we will not forget to preserve the environment in order to reduce pollution that increases temperatures and helps melt snow.


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