Essay on my pet rabbit
Essay on my pet rabbit

Essay on my pet rabbit 2 Models

Essay on my pet rabbit, raising pets is a nice thing, and I will present to you many models, a short essay on my little rabbit, a paragraph on raising rabbits at home, information about raising rabbits, how to take care of little rabbits, and what is their favorite feeding, topics suitable for elementary school Middle and high school, how to choose your favorite bunny, and what feeling you have when you take care of your cute bunny.

Essay on my pet rabbit

It is often necessary to take care of a pet, and today I am going to write an essay on my pet rabbit, in which I show the importance of raising and caring for a pet.

When you feel lonely or feel that you are not in harmony with others, the solution is to raise a pet such as a cat, dog or rabbit, as these pets are very entertaining, and they make you feel loved and compensate you for your friends.

They are loyal animals and know their owner well, play with him and run after him, and show their love for him.

My pet rabbit

I love pets, but I prefer raising a cute rabbit. Therefore, I chose a small rabbit, soft fur, and white color. He looks very beautiful, and he was a month old, so he can eat green plants.

I like the way he eats, he eats calmly and without fear. I give him green plants, and sometimes I give him concentrated feed for rabbits. I notice that he prefers to eat green vegetables.

My pet rabbit spends most of the time running and jumping, I play with him a lot, he’s so much fun. Often he jumps up for me to pick him up, and sits next to me while I am busy reading or studying. At night my cute bunny comes and sleeps next to me.

I love my pet rabbit very much, and he loves me too. I am happy when he is happy, jumping here and there.

I take good care of my rabbit so that he does not have any disease, and I also take him to the vet, to examine him and guide me on the correct method of raising rabbits.

It is important to find a creature that loves you, even if it is a rabbit. The mutual love between you and the pet makes you feel psychologically comfortable, and taking care of it makes you a responsible person. I actually got better when I bought this rabbit and took care of it.

Information about rabbits

The rabbit is a mammal, and it can be raised at home and it reproduces quickly, because it gives birth at one time from approximately 7-18 young, and its gestation period is one month (31-33 days), and it can become pregnant immediately after birth.

Therefore, many people raise rabbits as an investment. Rabbits are characterized by abundant production and rapid growth, and they are also easy to market, as they are a favorite food for many people.

Rabbit’s house

A suitable shelter must be provided for the rabbits, and it must be taken into account that the ventilation is good, and that the rabbits are not exposed to strong winds and rain directly, and the rabbits must be exposed to direct sunlight in the summer.

Rabbit housing can be designed to protect it from wind, rain, and high temperatures, using components from the environment such as wood panels or fabrics and plastic.

Rabbit food 

We will learn about rabbits’ food in our essay on my pet rabbit. Rabbits in the wild depend mainly on eating green plants, as their digestive system is compatible with plant foods. The rabbit’s stomach is small, and its large intestine is large, and this is suitable for food that contains fiber.

If green plants are not available, concentrated feed specially manufactured to feed rabbits can be relied upon.

Containers and places must be cleaned before food is placed for rabbits so as not to contract diseases.

Mostly, the young rabbit, after the end of its lactation, begins to eat 70 gm per day, and at the third month it eats 100 gm, and this amount gradually reaches 200 gm in the sixth month, while pregnant and lactating rabbits need a larger amount of 250-300 gm per day.

Breed selection

There are many breeds of rabbits, as a result of the movement of rabbits from one region to another, and their mating with new breeds.

The breeds differ in terms of their characteristics, there are types that have more meat than bone, such as the New Zealand white breed, and California rabbits.

Among the famous breeds of rabbits are the English spotted rabbit, the Flemish giant rabbit breed, which is distinguished by its colorful fur, the silver rabbit, and the Altex breed, which is a hybrid breed and characterized by its ability to withstand high temperatures and its rapid growth, as the weight of the rabbit of this breed ranges from 4.5 kg – 9 kg, It is considered one of the types of commercial rabbits.


At the end of my essay on my pet rabbit, I hope that everyone is keen on raising a pet, because it makes you feel happy and responsible, but you should read first about how to raise pets at home.

Rabbits have an easy and fun breeding method too. I take care of the health of my pet rabbit and go to the vet every month. He taught me many things about raising rabbits and how to feed them.

I hope you have benefited from this article.

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