Essay on my pet
Essay on my pet

Essay on my pet 3 Models

Essay on my pet, in this article we will talk about the importance of pets in human life and how to take care of a pet.

And we will write an essay on raising a pet dog at home. And we will not forget to write an essay on cats.

There are several types of pets that humans can train and raise with him inside the house. That is why we will learn about pets and what food pets and birds eat.

Essay on my pet

There are a large number of people who like to have one or more pets  inside their house. This love for pets is due to the fact that they entertain humans and protect them from loneliness that harms their mental and physical health.

There are a large number of pets that are suitable to live with humans in peace. Each person brings his own pet according to the type he prefers and loves to deal with. Not all pets are the same in nature and food, but each type has something to suit it.

What is meant by pets?

There are a large number of animals, but there are non-pet animals that do not live with humans in one place, but attack anyone they see in front of them. These animals are called wild animals. They are animals that do not like confinement and prefer to stay in nature without anyone limiting their freedom.

As for pets, they are the ones that can be raised at home and among humans. This species is easy to train in new skills to be able to live among humans. It can wait for food dates without attacking its owner.

Why did humans start keeping pets?

Man was going out to hunt some small animals, in order to feed on them. But he was feeling lonely and afraid of huge and wild animals. Man thought of raising an animal to go out with him and help him in hunting. He started raising small dogs and training them to bring items from afar.

Man noticed that some animals and birds eat herbs and grains from the ground, and that they can be brought home alive. So he brought chickens and donkeys home. And he caught rabbits in order to raise them for the purpose of eating them.

The donkey was one of the most important animals that carried people’s things and transported them to distant places. Then man felt confident and began to bring in huge animals such as horses and cows. The cows were plowing the land and giving useful milk.

With the passage of days, humans tried to domesticate all creatures, but they succeeded in raising a number of them and failed to raise other species because of their predation and strength.

What are the characteristics of the pet?

There must be several characteristics in a pet that enable humans to raise it inside their homes and among their children. It must accept living among people and not be afraid of them. It must eat from a specific food offered to it by humans, without rejecting the food or attacking humans in order to take food other than what is offered to it.

The pet must be peaceful and not attack adults or children so that it does not attack anyone and cause loss of life.

And the pet must accept the idea of ​​confinement and not roaming freely. It must accept the idea of ​​peeing in a designated place, not inside the house.

What is the most famous pet in the world?

The dog is the most famous and most popular pet in the world, as it is bred in many homes. There are several types of dogs, and each type has a distinct shape and a specific task that it performs when raising it.

There are dogs with an attractive appearance, which are bred for the purpose of entertainment and to treat the breeder from loneliness and depression.

There are dogs that look scary and enjoy a great deal of ferocity. These species are bred for the purpose of protecting property from attack, and for hunting.

There are types that have an acceptable shape and medium ferocity, and this type is brought for the purpose of friendship because dogs are known for their loyalty and good friendship with humans.

What should a person prepare to own a pet?

He must have a suitable place for this animal that he will bring home. It is not possible to raise an animal without preparing a place for it to sleep, and a suitable place for it to pee.

It is necessary to provide the appropriate food for this animal, because changing the type of food may kill the animal or infect it with diseases such as diarrhea.

And whoever keeps a pet must not travel a lot, so that he does not leave the animal alone at home without care, or leave it with neighbors who do not take good care of it. Leaving the animal causes grief and depression, like humans, and may eventually die.

Do pets transmit disease to humans?

All animals have diseases that are transmitted to humans, and for this reason, those who will raise a pet must bring the animal from a secured place to conduct periodic inspections of the animals he sells.

The breeder must follow up with a veterinarian on an ongoing basis, and give the animal all the necessary vaccinations without recklessness


At the end of  an essay on my pet, we got to know pets and how to deal with them. We have known that the pet is a great responsibility and the breeder must bear this responsibility, so he must feed it regularly and examine it. And the animal must not be left with anyone until he travels. But he must take his pet with him everywhere. Where he knows how to deal with it and how to feed it in a way that suits it.

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