Essay on patriotism
Essay on patriotism

Essay on patriotism 3 Models

Essay on patriotism, this article talks about the importance of the homeland and what it offers us. The homeland is the safe place in which we live and protects us from dangers. So we will present a 500-word long presentation about the homeland. We will not forget the short paragraph and sentences on patriotism.

What is our duty towards our country? Why should we feel a sense of belonging to our country?. In an essay on our duty towards the homeland, we will learn about the things that we must do in order to return the favor to our homeland.

Essay on patriotism

The homeland is the most important thing in the life of every person, and because of the importance of talking about the homeland, we will present an essay on patriotism. In order for students at different stages to learn from it the importance of their homeland and learn about all the advantages that the homeland offers them.

The child must know what his duty is towards his country, so that he will return the favor to his country when he grows up. We must take care of planting patriotism in the hearts of our children, because affiliation makes a person preserve every piece of his homeland and not neglect it.

What is meant by homeland?

The homeland is the land on which a person is born, and on this land he finds people who resemble him in outward appearance and character. Each homeland has a distinct population and is similar to the land on which they live. The people of the land are the ones who understand this land and adapt to it.

If a person moves from his  homeland in order to live in a different land, he will find it very difficult to live and adapt.

He does not like the food that comes out of the new land, and he feels all the time alienation and nostalgia for the land in which he was born and grew up.

What is the importance of home to us?

Home is not just a land on which we live, but a home is like a mother. The similarity between the mother and the homeland is that they care for their child and provide him with all his needs. A mother protects her children from enemies and defends them to death. As well as the homeland that protects its children and defends them at whatever it costs.

The mother is the one who strives to provide her children with all the food and medicine they need. As well as the homeland, which does everything possible to provide its children with all the requirements of life in order to have a decent life.

How do people who do not have a home live?

The person who knows the most value of the homeland is the person who does not have a homeland. This person will be homeless among the nations. You see him as lost, moving from one place to another until he gets mad. He sees everyone living happily on their land and knows that he is lost and without a way out.

A person without a homeland may go to live in a homeland to which he has no right, which makes him an aggressor against the homelands of others. No one likes someone to attack his land and his country. Therefore, the original owners of the land expel this intruder in order to search for another land.

What is our duty towards our country?

We must know the value of the homeland, and what it offers us in terms of bounties and facilities in order to live in a good way. After we know the value of the homeland, we must strive hard in our studies and in our work after the years of study. In order to return the favor to our country and move it forward.

The developed countries, which have come to the fore today, such as Japan and others, have reached this position thanks to their people and not thanks to strangers who came from abroad to raise it up. But it was her sons who stepped forward and made every effort to raise the status of their country.

How do we instill patriotism in children?

The child must learn to love his country and belong to its land from an early age. This is through teaching him in school the importance of the homeland and what it offers to him. The child grows up and knows the virtue of the homeland over all of us. Then he learns his duties towards his homeland.

And when there are negatives in the homeland, it must be talked about separately from the love of the homeland.

The negatives change, but we do not hate our country because of these negatives. But the love of the homeland remains implanted in our hearts despite all the negatives.

What is the role of governments in implanting patriotism in the hearts of citizens?

Governments have a great role in instilling love of the homeland and belonging in the hearts of citizens. It must provide good educational and job opportunities for citizens. When a person learns in good ways, he will advance society. When the citizen has a good job opportunity, the country will prosper economically.

Governments must take care of the health of the citizens. A country that does not care about the health of its children suffers from their inability to work. The disease needs a lot of money to be treated. If the state does not help in treatment, the citizens will suffer from the disease, and therefore will not be able to work and advance the state.

Is there a country without negatives?

Whoever believes that there is a homeland that has no negatives is mistaken. All nations suffer from negative things that need to be changed. That is why we should not consider our country to be less than other countries. All nations are equal in defects. But it is necessary to preserve the love of our homeland, and work to fix its flaws and negativity.


At the end of our Essay on patriotism, we have presented a topic that is suitable for students at all educational levels. And also is suitable for 6th graders.

In this topic, we talked about the importance of the homeland in the life of each of us. And we knew that the love of the homeland should not be shaken or diminished, whatever the negatives. But we must love and appreciate our homeland, and yet we continue to fix the negatives that we see around us.


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