Living on Another Planet Essay
Living on Another Planet Essay

Living on Another Planet Essay 3 Models

Living on Another Planet Essay, in this topic we will present  a 500 word essay and sentences for all educational levels. We will talk about space and the possibility of living on Mars.

Is living on a planet other than Earth possible or impossible? This is what we will talk about in detail below.

 We will introduce a presentation on living in space to university students, where they are asked to write sentences and terms about space colonization.

Living on Another Planet Essay

We also know that the solar system has several planets other than Earth. All of these planets revolve around the sun and have one or more moons. And when people began noticing that the globe had been polluted with what their hands had made, they decided to go out to space and look for an alternative homeland.

Countries have spent on these space flights incalculable sums. These expeditions go to discover any planet suitable for life, that it contains water under its soil, or that there is any trace of other life in it.

Is there life outside Earth?

In the middle of the twentieth century scientists moved to search for any evidence of the existence of any life outside the planet. The life they are looking for is not for huge creatures like the ones on planet Earth, but they are looking for creatures that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

For this reason, they developed several telescopes and sent vehicles to collect samples from the moon’s surface, in order to analyze and look at them closely.

While the scientists searched for any form of life, the people on the planet were feeling the thrill, as they began to unleash their imaginations.

So they started making films about this topic. Each writer used his own imagination to express what he saw as real. Some of them portray aliens as good creatures and will help us to live on other planets and save humanity. Some of them portrayed it as hostile and would destroy humanity. But in fact, there is no life outside the planet so far.


Why do scientists believe there is life in space?

Scientists infer their claim to the existence of life in outer space, the planet Earth itself and its nature, they say it is similar to what happened and is happening in other planets of the solar system. According to them, the rest of the planets of the group may receive life in line with its nature, as the planet Earth received man.

They say that life on planet Earth was a simple life and then evolved over millions of years. The same could happen for the other planet. Where you have very tiny organisms and over time will evolve and appear larger and more intelligent beings as humans appeared on Earth.

The search for life in space

NASA decided to send the first mission to space with the purpose of searching for life, and that was in 1964. And it began sending signals to space with calculations or pictures of humans.

The purpose of sending these signals was to be heard by any rational being in space, and to respond to them by revealing the presence of life.

The research did not stop, but the funding allocated to it increased, and 350 antennas were installed so that they could receive signals that might come to them from far space.

And the research didn’t stop there, but they launched “City at Home”, a project that gets everyone to share their knowledge of space online.

Journey to Mars

After several years and after a large number of attempts, NASA managed to go to Mars for the first time in 2012. Mars was the dream that astronomers expected to come true and find life on it. But after landing on it, visualizing it and collecting samples, no life appeared on it.

However, scientists did not back down from searching inside the Martian soil, as they went again and dug under the surface of Mars.

At first, they did not find anything, but as the drilling continued and with time, specifically in 2015, NASA announced that they had found water on Mars.

What do we need in space to live in it?

Humans have their own nature, they need several factors to say that this place is livable or not. Humans need oxygen in order to breathe. They need water to drink and water the crops. And they need carbon, hydrogen and amino acids.

Without these things, people would not survive.

And we will not forget the temperature, as humans live in certain temperatures, they do not tolerate extreme heat or extreme cold. Therefore, we must live on a planet that is located at a reasonable distance from the sun, so that it is neither near nor very far, and this applies to planet Earth.

Our planet is one

After several years of searching for extraterrestrial life, and after searching for another planet for humans to live on, we have come to the fact that the Earth is unique. And it is the only planet equipped with everything that helps humans to live comfortably and safely.

Therefore, we must focus all our efforts on taking care of this planet and preserving it from pollution and destruction.

The solution is not to let our planet die and search for another planet. Searching for another planet and giving hope for an alternative to it makes people more and more violate this blue planet, which has no alternative except in science fiction films.


At the end of  Living on Another Planet Essay, we talked about the continuous efforts made by scientists to search for an alternative to planet Earth, and what they eventually reached.

And we learned the importance of this planet, which scientists used to say is undistinguished, but we discovered that it is distinguished in its position in relation to the sun and distinguished in its air, soil and water content, which reaches about 70% of its area. And in the end, we must all preserve our planet.


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