Essay on environmental protection
Essay on environmental protection

Essay on environmental protection 3 Models

Essay on environmental protection is an article that deals with the details of environmental protection law.

Where we will talk about environmental conservation, where we will focus our talk on an article on environmental protection  1986.

And we will not forget to talk about an essay on environmental protection and waste management. In an essay on environmental protection in Canada, we will talk about environmental problems in a 500 words essay on environmental problems .

That is why everyone who cares about the environment should follow the following.

Essay on environmental protection

We will learn about everything related to the environment in an essay on environmental protection. The importance of the environment is due to the fact that it is the place in which all living things live, and it is what provides them with all the necessities of life. We will know its importance and the dangers it faces.

There are many dangers that negatively affect the environment, but no one realizes that they are so dangerous.

There are also people who have become aware of the growing environmental dangers, and therefore they have already acted to stop these growing dangers.

What is meant by environment?

The environment is for living organisms such as the egg shell that protects the fluids inside it. When this outer shell is damaged or part of it breaks, what is inside is exposed to danger. This is what happens when the environment is polluted in any way.

When the air is polluted, for example, it threatens the life of living organisms, because there is not enough oxygen to perform the breathing process. This is what happens when the environment is exposed to any pollutant of any kind.

What distinguishes the environment?

What distinguishes the environment is that it is one entity connected to each other, as it is like an octopus that has one body and several arms. The environment is a body and several branched arms. The arms of the environment consist of air, water, soil, living organisms, and everything that makes life as we know it now.

Because of the interdependence of the elements of the environment with each other can not be separated. This causes the rest of the parts to feel damaged if part of them is damaged, which affects life significantly.

What is the importance of the environment for living organisms?

The environment protects living organisms from all the dangers that surround them from every direction. Living beings in order to live in peace must have several ingredients for life. One of the most important of these ingredients is clean water that is found in rivers and lakes. Which a living organism cannot do without.

There is also the air, which must be clean and free of any pollutants. And we will not forget the soil that must be non-toxic in order for a healthy and clean plant to grow as a source of food.

What are the dangers facing the environment?

There are several dangers facing the environment and surrounding it from everywhere, including water pollution

where humans used to throw their waste into water sources, whether fresh or salty water.

And ancient civilizations, such as the ancient Pharaonic civilization, punished those who polluted the Nile water, and this is because of the ugliness of this act.

There is also air pollution, which started with the industrial revolution and has not stopped until now. As for soil pollution, it occurs due to the burial of toxic waste in it, which kills plants.

What should be done to preserve the environment?

Governments must come together and protect the environment from pollutants. After humans have reached all this technological development, they must use modern means to detect pollution. The factories and water sources should be monitored. Those who throw garbage into the water or pollute the air must be criminalized.

And any machine that emits poisonous smoke must be replaced with another machine that runs on fuel that is called environmentally friendly.

Environmental Protection Law

After governments realized the importance of preserving the environment, it was necessary to launch a law to protect the environment in all countries of the world.

This law gives environmental specialists the right to go to places where factories pollute the environment and inspect them.

These observers take samples from the soil and water, and by examining the sample, it is clear whether it is contaminated or clean.

If the sample is contaminated, legal action must be taken with those who caused the contamination of these elements.

environmental protection in Canada

Because of Canada’s large area, which makes it the second largest country in the world, and its great industrial development, which made it confused because of the environmental pollution that threatens it. Canada is trying to reconcile progress with conservation. Therefore, great efforts are being made to maintain its progress over the countries of the world without harming the surrounding environment.

Canada educates citizens and launches the slogan “Connecting Man with Nature”. It reduces emissions that harm the ozone layer and causes global warming, and prevents waste from being dumped into the water in order to preserve fisheries and marine life.

Canada launched the Environmental Protection Act in 1999, which is concerned with preventing any gasses or emissions that cause global warming.

It is also trying to reduce the use of carbon that comes out of the electricity, energy and transportation sectors. Try to use environmentally friendly alternatives.


At the end of our interesting Essay on environmental protection, we learned about the importance of the environment. And we talked about the environmental dangers that occur around us. In the end, we tried to find solutions to these pollutants and the dangers that may negatively affect all living organisms.

And because our planet is the only planet in the solar system that is fit for life, because of the presence of all the elements of life on it, it was necessary to preserve it and not destroy it.

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