Essay on Summer Camp
Essay on Summer Camp

Essay on Summer Camp 3 Models

Essay on Summer Camp, below we will present an essay on summer camp for 5th grade. And we will not forget to write an essay on the summer camp for the fourth and sixth grades. We will present a 500 word essay on summer camp at school . As for an essay on the summer camp experience, we will talk about it in detail to suit all educational levels.

In the summer camp many adventures happen and the students gain many experiences and beautiful memories with friends.

Essay on Summer Camp

Summer camp is one of the most important activities that all students love. So you may be asked to write an essay on summer camp. Because of the ease of this topic, you can remember all the summer camp events you went to last year. Then start organizing your thoughts and write down what you did in the camp in detail.

You can start writing the details of the day from the very first moment until you reach the end of the day you returned from camp. You can write the good and the bad details to make a great essay.

What is meant by summer camp?

It is a camp organized by the school for students, where they go on a trip to go and spend a specific time that may take a week or less in nature. This place may be near a freshwater lake or it may be in the middle of the forest.

The supervisors of these camps must know the nature of the camping place and the dangers surrounding it. Students’ lives should not be risked by being attacked by bears or predatory crocodiles.

Why do we go to summer camp?

There are many reasons for a student to go to summer camp with supervisors and friends, children need such a rewarding trip. Children suffer from loneliness and boredom in their homes throughout the summer. Because of the holidays and not going to school, children stay up all night and sleep all day. These bad habits deprive the child of the secretion of growth hormone, which is secreted during the hours of sleep at night. And deprived of the useful sun during the day. So he has to get out of the house and go on a camping trip in order to rebuild his body.

How to make friends in summer camp?

Summer camp is a big gathering of kids, which makes them meet new people. This new friend may be a few years older or younger. But in the camp, the children are divided into groups, and each group has a leader to lead them while walking and moving from place to place. That is why the child finds several people in his group, so he can easily acquire new friends.

How do you gain social skills from camping?

Social skills are gained from interacting with new people we did not know before. When you meet people far from home, you must interact with them. And you must know how to talk to them.

You should also avoid fights and problems that someone who deals with you is trying to get you into, such as trying to convince you to break the rules or hurt someone else.

All these social skills the child learns while camping and living with others for a specific period of time.

How to gain manual skills from camping?

When the child goes out of the house, he is unable to use his hands, and does not know how to make something with his hands without the help of adults. This is because parents are accustomed to helping the child in all aspects of his life. But when he goes out to camp, he must set up his tent with his hands and without help. He must light the fires and cook the food. He must bring food for himself by fishing from the water or the forest. These manual skills develop as the child gets older.

Get to know the environment around us

If we try to talk to the child about the environment around us and its importance to living things, he will not understand what we are talking about. This is because he did not see this environment in reality.

But when a child lives a period of time under heaven. He sleeps on the direct ground. And by watching trees and wild animals, he will realize what the environment is and how important it is to every living creature on the planet.

Adaptation to wildlife

When the child lives among the wilderness, he will find many difficulties in the beginning. He will be bitten by several insects that live among trees and in the soil. He will suffer from extreme cold at night, and from extreme heat in the middle of the day. As for drinking water, he will find it difficult to obtain clean and unpolluted water. He will not find fish easily or find a wild animal easy to catch to cook and eat.

All these difficulties the child will learn to overcome gradually. He will learn how to choose a place to sleep away from the nests of insects, so as not to be bitten. He will know how to warm himself at night and how to hide from the heat of the sun.

As for food, he will learn how to pick fruits and catch fish.

The most important thing he will learn while trying to adapt to the wilderness is that life is not easy and an effort must be made to survive.

Stay away from pollution in the city

Cities have become unacceptably polluted. The streets are full of smoke from cars of all kinds. And the smoke of factories surrounds the cities from the outside. All the trees from the cities were bulldozed and felled so that houses could be built in their places. And the noise became a special thing for the city. This made those who live there suffer from chest and skin diseases. And make them feel stressed and depressed constantly. That is why the child enjoys being away from all this pollution.

Leave electronic devices at home

Electronic devices pose a great danger to children, as they use them for a large number of hours during the day. Causing double vision and muscle atrophy. And caused addiction and isolation from parents and society. One of the damages of technology is the emergence of obesity and diabetes in children, where immobility causes these diseases.

So the child should go camping to get away from electronics and get used to doing other things that are healthier and more fun.

Strengthen the weak body

The daily life that children live in in the cities causes the muscles of the body to weaken and the nerves to atrophy.

Lack of exposure to the sun causes bone disease. These diseases make the child suffer from pain in the body and bones. And he can’t move normally. So when a child goes outside and sits outdoors and in the sun, his body gets stronger and his bones get better.

Strengthening self-confidence

Children who do not go out of the house and who do not mix with people have problems with self-confidence.

These problems make the child antisocial and does not know how to deal with others easily. If we want to solve the problems of lack of self-confidence, we must allow the child to go out and camp with his friends so that he gets used to dealing with others and talking to them naturally.

Fun and beautiful memories

During the camping period, the children acquire many skills, but he also creates happy memories, so he can meet new friends and play with them. And he can share with them the skills he can do. During the night the children tell interesting stories about themselves. Or they display their talents such as singing, and all these activities help the child make happy memories that he will remember for a lifetime.


At the end of an Essay on Summer Camp, parents should allow students to go on camping trips, whether with the school or with the father. Summer camps give the child many skills, teach him how to be self-reliant, and make him appreciate the services that the parents provide him at home, when he does them himself in the summer camp and knows how difficult it is for the parents.

Of course, the child must know the importance of nature and the environment in order to preserve them from pollution.

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