Essay on life after school
Essay on life after school

Essay on life after school 3 Models

 Essay on life after school, in this important topic we must talk about the stage that follows the school years. Where some students may be satisfied with high school and are looking for work, and some students go to university.

Therefore, we will talk about the post-study phase in a 500 words presentation. Below we will provide you with sentences and phrases about the skills that we must acquire after studying. We will learn about the professions available for students besides studying.

Essay on life after school

Life after school means the period following the school years. Where the student remains for several years between school and studying, but in the end he manages to finish studies.

In our essay on life after school, we will talk about how young people feel after completing their studies, the problems they face during this important period of their lives, and what they should do in order to live this period in peace and achieve the greatest gains.

What is the importance of studying?

When a young child goes to nursery, he must cry and refuse to go, and this is because of his great fear of leaving the house and leaving safety. When a child has been living indoors for years, he is afraid of the idea of ​​changing this situation and going out to try another situation.

But the child must be accustomed from a young age to get out of one situation to another. This training will help him throughout his life so that he can accept these changes and the different stages in everyone’s life. No one remains in the same position for the rest of his life, but his position  must be changed.

Study is the method that forces the child to get out of the walls of his house, leaving the mother who protects him from the danger surrounding him. This child goes out to study and learns how to rely on himself, without the help of the mother, and without hiding behind the walls of the house.

What happens if the child refuses to go out to study?

If the child refuses to go out to study and does not want to mix with others, we must hire a specialist to help us teach him how to trust the outside world. He learns with the specialist how to recognize the dangers, and how to deal with them in a good way.

It is not right to leave a child to live isolated from the world. This isolation will not benefit him and will not protect him from the outside world. Because he will go out one day, or some people will come to live with him, then one day he will marry and have children. Because of the isolation, he will be a naive and hypersensitive person, which will lead to his failure in his life.

How do I develop myself after studying?

Every graduate should be interested in developing himself immediately after graduation, in order to find a suitable place in the labor market. Everyone is looking for work, and most of them have graduated from prestigious universities. However, not everyone developed themselves, but they were satisfied with university education, which causes the owners of companies to reject those who did not develop themselves.

Why do some people get depressed after finishing school?

Some people suffer from a disease of attachment to things and people. And this disease makes them attach to everyone around them a pathological attachment, so they are affected by leaving things to the point of becoming depressed, or going back to the same thing again, even if it no longer suits them.

After they are attached to study and friends, they get a great shock when they wake up one day and find neither school nor friends.

This problem makes the person stop in the middle of the road and try to go back to the past, and not look forward to the future, which wastes his years of life without any progress forward.

How do you live your life after school in peace?

In order to live your life after the end of the school years in peace and happiness, you must know that life’s stages and changes due to the nature of the universe. The child will not remain in the arms of his mother. If we watch a young man in his teenage years sleeping in his mother’s arms all the time, we will be surprised because of the different stages. This teenager must study and work, or practice sports that fill his spare time and strengthen his body.

The same applies to those who have completed their school years, who must be financially independent from their parents. They must find a suitable job for them. After finding a suitable job, it is the turn to buy or rent a suitable home. Then it is necessary to associate with a good person in order to form a healthy family and have healthy children.

Is it possible to study forever?

Studying for a lifetime is an obsession and it must be cured. It is acceptable for a person to read books and listen to content that educates his mind, but to go to universities and study academically all his life, it is strange. That is why the person must go to a specialized doctor in order to help him solve this pathological attachment to the study so that it does not affect his life.

How do we adapt to the different stages of life?

If we want to adapt to the different stages of life, we must live a normal life from childhood. It is not possible to isolate the child in his childhood from the surrounding world, out of fear for him. Because isolating the child makes him more shy and more rejecting of society at school age. It is not right to deprive children of friends of their age. Because these friendships train him to deal with different types of people.

The older child and adolescent must be left to do some tasks that develop their social skills, so that the child becomes stronger and can act alone in the various stages of his life.

If we notice that the child has a pathological attachment to things, and does not accept any change that occurs in his life easily, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor to help him overcome this problem. A young child can change his thoughts at an early age.


We have come to the end of our topic for today, an essay on life after school, and we learned about the problems that a number of people may face in adapting to their lives after completing their school years. And what should be done for the young child to integrate into society, and not feel isolated and lonely.

We talked about the importance of self-development so that we can get a suitable job, which will enable us to start a healthy family life.


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