School broadcast ideas
School broadcast ideas

School broadcast ideas

School broadcast ideas ,We offer you in this subject school broadcast ideas contain an introduction and several sections appropriate to the time of the morning queue.All this ideas will be here in the topic of school broadcast ideas .

School broadcast ideas

 The first section

It is presented by the student who is the organizer of the group

And the first sectihn is a greeting and start with the head of the school and then gentlemen teachers and then the students as follows:

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Dear the head-master

My dear teachers

My dear  friends

Peace and blessing of Allah be upon you

Then you introduce yourself as if to say:

We are the English Group

we welcome you

and we are glad to present you our program

The best start is with The Holy Quran recited by the student…………….

The student reads a short surah or a verse which length is appropriate for the time. The student must read it correctly and his voice is beautiful and it should be in Arabic.

 Second section


The proverb of today is presented by student………

Choose the appropriate topic and general at the same time to interest everyone, such as: – Expressions about the true friend and the importance of friendship, for example

If you have friends you are rich.

Friendship for man as water for plants.

Who lived without a friend did not know meaning of life .

The third section:

general information with student……………..

You have to choose an interesting topic about something that everyone loves to know more about it, such as talking about bees, for example

Bees are the most common insects on the planet.

Bees live on all continents except Antarctica.

The bees have about 20,000 species, but only 7 or 8 species are known.

The bees feed on nectar and pollen.

The bees are divided into three sections.

the first part is The queen which is the most important member of the cell.

Queen is the one that puts eggs to produce all kinds of bees in the cell.

The second part is the workers and their job is to take care of the eggs and feed the larvae for five days for females and six days for males.

The fourth section:

English puzzle with student……

what’s the thing that
has legs but cannot walk

The fifth section:


Finally, thank you for listening

See you next week, and goodbye.

In this way, we have provided you with school broadcast ideas,  and can read more topics through the following link:

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