English broadcast for schools
English broadcast for schools

English broadcast for schools

English broadcast for schools, we provide in this topic many ideas of school broadcast  contains several sections such as the Holy Quran, Hadith, Did you know in English, general information in English, and puzzle. All this ideas will be here in English broadcast for schools.

English broadcast for schools

Students like to highlight their excellence through school broadcast and in this will be here in English broadcast for schools which is very useful for students of the English group who present school broadcast in English.

First :the introduction

Good morning, my dear colleagues

Welcome you with the English Language Group

Today we will offer you a unique progra

 First section:

  The beginning with the Holy Koran recited by  student………

Second section:

With The Holy Hadith recited by  student…….

Third section:

Proverb of today recited by  student…….

The road to success is not straight

Fourth section:

General information recited by  student…….

Seasons of  the year





 Fifth section


Which planet is it?

……..It’s next to Mercury . It’s smaller than Earth


Finally, thank you for listening

See you next week, and goodbye.

We have provided you with English broadcast for schools, and you can read more topics through the following links:

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  1. thank you so much for this broad cast

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