My pet essay
My pet essay

My pet essay

My pet essay , contains many important information about the wild lizards and how to take care of them in the house. All this information will find here in My pet essay .

My pet essay

Many people like to have pets in the house and here we will talk about information about the turtle and how to raise it as a pet. All you will find here in My pet essay.

Wild turtles

Wild turtles are a pet that anyone can raise at home to enjoy and play, They are peaceful animals, as they are not dangerous to humans, and are characterized by long life, and do not cause damage to property or homes as a quiet and small .

However, turtle breeding at home requires great care and caution for the turtles themselves; turtles are often exposed to serious health problems and die when they are bought as pets.

Turtles are sensitive to surrounding environmental conditions, so breeding them in a country or climatic zone that is different from their original habitat may place their lives at high risk, and maintaining their health may be difficult.

Natural wild turtles (especially when they are from the Mediterranean region such as the Greek turtle) need to be reared both inside and outside the house.

Turtles need a large area to move in, as their health deteriorates quickly if they are trapped inside the usual small plastic cages.

Turtles need about 14 hours of light and heat per day, If it is not possible to provide it with sunlight, the industrial lights of the cages can be used.  If kept in a cold weather or in an unheated house, it may be very important to provide heating for the cage.

The correct food for turtles is green leaves and flowers, this is their natural food in the wild, and be careful not to give them any kind of vegetables, fruits or human foods.

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