Essay on zoo
Essay on zoo

Essay on zoo

Essay on zoo , contains a lot of information about the zoo and its importance and the duty of everyone who visits it in order to preserve it. All of this information will be found here in Essay on zoo .

Essay on zoo

The zoo is a beautiful recreational area suitable for all family members of all ages. Here we will learn about the zoo in Essay on zoo in English.

The zoo

The zoo is a recreational place for all people of different age groups. Many species of animals that live in cages or areas are equipped and secured to prevent direct contact with visitors.

Although the main purpose of zoos may be (often on At least) attract visitors and entertain them for profit, but they are, in fact, also an important factor in the conservation of endangered species.

Many species of animals in the world are in danger of extinction in a very large way, As their numbers rapidly decline in the wild, the presence of a number of protected  inside a zoo may be essential in their rescue.

The importance of this role is when they are in a garden where zoo workers can protect and secure their food and ensure that their babies are born and raised properly, thus increasing their numbers more effectively for release in the wild.

A good environment should be provided for the animal within its area of ​​detention. If the park is located in a cold city (such as Moscow in Russia) It will be necessary to provide equipment to modify the temperature to fit the natural capabilities of the animal.

The environment can be pre-equipped for certain animals. Many species of mammals or semi-aquatic birds need pools of water in their area of ​​detention.

Officials should also pay attention to the cleanliness of cages and remove any waste from the animal. It may cause the appearance of some insects and may cause the appearance of some harmful diseases to the animal that may cause the transmission of the infection to others.

The visitor should pay attention too, and follow all directions, such as not bothering the animals  or feeding them harmful substances that can not be digested or accepted.

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