Rabbit topic
Rabbit topic

Rabbit topic

Rabbit topic , contains a lot of important information about  breeding rabbits and how to take care of them. We will also learn about the rabbit’s habitat and the most important conditions that must be met in rabbits breeding places. All this is here in Rabbit topic .

Rabbit topic

Rabbit is one of the most beautiful animals, but also it is one of the most sensitive animals that catch disease easily, so there must be many conditions in the places of breeding, and this is what we will know here in Rabbit topic

The rabbit

The rabbit is one of the distinctive animals that live with humans, where humans arrange them because of their meat used in the preparation of different types of food. In addition, rabbits are pets that are loved by humans.

The time of its activity is at dawn, and at sunset. It is also considered a very cautious animal species, it has the ability of run from one place to another in the case of the severe danger .

Rabbits live in different parts of the world, where they found in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and in different regions of the world.

Rabbits can prepare their own homes , also they are able to hide themselves and their young ones very much, under shrubs that have dense branches, or among herbs that can hide them like long grasses.

Rabbit foods vary, They eat oats, wheat, and barley, in addition to their ability to eat turnips, clover, carrots, various grasses.

It is also necessary to put clean and fresh water in the place of living,  keep away from feeding large amounts of food.

In places where rabbits live should be available certain conditions such as the ability of this place to protect the rabbits  from rain, cold air, and warm solar radiation, in addition to its ability to provide good air and suitable for ventilation , and the ability to rid  of harmful gases, mainly carbon dioxide, ammonia gas.

The house where the rabbit is nested must be able to protect the rabbit from its enemies as  cats, dogs, and others.

In addition to protecting it from the risk of theft and its ability to provide good and suitable lighting. It should also be protected from eating parsley that kills the rabbit directly.

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