Essay on my best friend
Essay on my best friend

Essay on my best friend

Updated On — Sunday , June 26 2022

Essay on my best friend, one of the interesting articles that refreshes the memory, especially because it reminds everyone of how to meet our best friends for the first time, how previous years were, and how many people we met during life’s journey.

But despite the many people who passed through our lives, we were not attracted to them or their behaviors, until that person came along who was compatible with our thoughts and behaviors, and he was special to us and had a great understanding with us.

Essay on my best friend

During my exit and facing life, whether in the study, the club, or the friends of the neighborhood in which I live, I met many people who were close to me and we share the same activities.
But I could not make them my best friends because of the many differences between us in thinking and psychological comfort.
But in the end, I remember that new student who transferred from another school, had no handouts in class and was sitting alone most of the day.

I remember getting close to him and trying to find out what his old school was, and the conversation started, and I found him very funny and he told me a lot of details about his life and the music he loves. Surprisingly, our ideas matched in many respects.

I quickly found myself drawn to talk to him and went every day to sit with him and talk for a long time. This developed to go out and have a walk with each other, and then the relationship became stronger and we went to school and played at home, whether my house or his house, and after that I was able to sleep in his house and he also did that.

I can say that we had a strong relationship and we had a great understanding, and there were many signs that we invented together to understand what we want to say without talking, and that was very wonderful, besides our secret greeting , and no one with us knows it  except the two of us.

Over time, I came to know that this was my best friend, that we had become like one family, and that we would remain friends for the rest of our lives.




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My best friend paragraph

I have a loyal friend, he represents me a brother and not a friend, he is my best friend, I depend on him and trust him as well. We are friends since childhood and therefore we understand each other very well, so that he knows what I like about food, and what my favorite colors are. He knows all the details of my life, and I also know everything about him. Although we are not in the same school, we meet almost every day, and we spend the weekend together. We have the same hobbies. Fishing is our favorite hobby, so on the weekend we go to the beach together to fish and enjoy the beautiful scenery.



My friend essay

The importance of a friend in our life is great, but we must choose our friend so that life will be better, because a friend affects your thinking and behavior as well as your psychological state and mood. He is the one who knows your secrets, as well as your weaknesses and strengths.


It is preferable when choosing a friend that there is some similarity or closeness in ideas and scientific and social level.Because this makes the relationship between you stronger and the understanding is easy, and if a disagreement occurs between you for any reason, you can reach a solution easily. Spending time with people who are somewhat similar to us provides us with reassurance and this is what we want from friendship.



My best friend essay in english

Although I have many friends, there is only one friend whom I trust and I tell my secrets to.

He is my best friend since childhood, an honest person and therefore my best friend with whom I spend most of my time.

Our friendship became stronger after my family got to know my friend’s family, and there were strong family relations.

My friend and I have the same hobby, which is swimming. This hobby brought us very close to each other. We go to the club together and train together. We even compete to improve our level. At the end of the year, my friend and I travel on a trip to any tourist city.



Best friend essay

I have many friends, but when I encountered a problem, I found only one friend by my side. He is the one who helped me with my problem, he is my best friend. He has proven to be a loyal and faithful friend, so I will never forget his noble attitude with me.


Every day I discover that he is my best friend.No matter how bad the circumstances are, he does not abandon me, but rather relieves me of my tragedies. a friend in need is a friend indeed.

We share joys and sorrows and support each other.


I hope that our friendship will last for a lifetime, so when I moved to study in another school, I called him daily to check on him, and I used to meet him on the weekend and spend a nice time with him.



My best friend essay for class 2

It is important to have friends, but we must choose our friends. Our friends should be good and well-mannered.

A loyal friend keeps our secret, and supports us in all difficult circumstances.


I have a loyal and intelligent friend, she loves me and helps me understand my lessons, we play together and she allows me to play with her toys and I also allow her to play with my toys. We have fun playing and studying too.


Sometimes we go shopping together and buy delicious sweets that we love. I hope that our friendship will last a lifetime, as she is really my best friend.



My best friend essay for class 3

Friendship is an important thing in our life, and I have a loyal friend, I love him just like my brother. He’s been my friend for two years and in the two years we’ve gotten to know each other more.It is strange that he thinks as I do, as often our thoughts coincide about something.

I spend most of the time with my friend, we are in the same class, and he is sitting next to me in the same seat.

At the weekend my friend and I go to the club, we are both members of the gymnastics team, it’s our favorite game.



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