Best introduce yourself
Best introduce yourself

Best introduce yourself

Best introduce yourself ,Speak about yourself in English easily and confidently by following the steps in this topic where we provide you with a topic containing all the important information related to self-talk under the title “Best introduce yourself”.

Best introduce yourself

Talk about yourself is very interesting, but on condition that you are confident of yourself. And to make it easier you will find here an article entitled “Best introduce yourself ” contains all the information you want to know.

Introduce yourself

Many of us go to pre-employment interviews. These interviews take the form of questions from the employer and answer from the applicant. You may be asked to talk about yourself briefly . You may be asked to talk about yourself in a social interview with new friends. What should be mentioned, and what should not be mentioned, and hide, and what falls within the talk about the self and beyond that to reach the vanity.

How to talk about yourself;

When you are asked to talk about yourself may feel great tension, and becomes inside you a great struggle about why I did not mention this property in myself, and did not hide that attribute, and did not hide that negative, and this because the person sees himself  has many of the qualities that raise him a degree from the rest, On the other hand, others see his flaws clearly with his attempt to hide them. In this part of the article we will try to determine what should be mentioned and what should be hidden when talking about oneself in specific points:

Do not feel nervous when you are asked to talk about yourself.  

Wisdom and intelligence when talking about yourself, and always try to wait for the question to answer it, and that makes you specific and keep you away from confusion and tension.

When you start talking about yourself, you can mention the triple name, age, place of residence, residence, field of study or area of ​​study. If you are asked to increase, it is possible to state the social situation, what languages ​​you know, and remember some simple information about you.

Mention the good qualities in your personality such as I am compassionate, I have the ability to innovate, I have the ability to work under great pressure, and within groups.

It is nice to speak gently, high self-confidence away from vanity and grandeur, honestly and credibly, this is because the way of talking often reveals the personality of the individual, and what is his psychology.

Stay away from telling your life story, like remembering personal stories that have happened with you, or family, because such stories are very personal and no one should know them, and you are not in a place to talk about your own concerns, your status, your family, and the amount of your beauty.

Remember hobbies, without exaggeration or repetition, such as remembering  reading, writing, and ride.

Keep away from mentioning the negatives or bad qualities in your personality, because mentioning such characteristics is a weakness of the speaker, which is preferred not to be mentioned, unless asked about.

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