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Topic friendship with a lot of important information about the concept of friendship and its importance in the life of the individual as it affects his life , personality and behavior. Friends are indispensable in human life, but it is important to choose the good friend,  you will find all that here in topic friendship .

Friendship topic

There is no doubt that friendship is a wonderful thing in human life that affects him socially and psychologically.You will find all this information here in topic friendship.


The friendship

Friendship is one of the forms of human relations and ties between people.


It is based on truthfulness, trust among friends, feelings of love and mutual respect .

You see the true friend helps his friend to overcome the difficulties, and face the difficult circumstances, and not everyone has a real friend, as there are many friends seeking the personal interest .


Friendship is the treasure of life, a balm that pleases the wounds of the heart and soul, and makes life more likely.

A man without friends, like a bare tree, nothing make our life more easy than the existence of faithful friends in our lives.


Even the Prophet, peace be upon him , had a friend accompanied and supported him, who is Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, which indicates the great impact of good which  the friendship leaves in the soul.

Friendship is not just a close relationship between two or more people, it is a consensus and an agreement.

Not everyone in the world suits us as a friend, but we have to choose loyal friends who safeguard the rights of friendship, abide by its duty, safeguard its secrets and keep the covenant of friendship always and ever.

The loyal friend who takes the hand of his friend to good, and prevents him from deviation, and away from bad companions do not walk in their paths, and the most important qualities of loyal friends, keeping the absence of the friend.

Topic about friendship

Friendship is one of the most important means of social learning for young and old. Social integration and the formation of friendships always helps in social and human development. It helps everyone to see different ideas and horizons.

In the past, friendship meant more to many, and they see it as different from our time. This is because the true friendship test where is when adversity you find the true friend.

But now we can make friends online. It will certainly not be as supportive and stand by you as the role of a friend was in the past.

This difference represents significant differences between friends. Nevertheless, the friend remains of great importance.

We can make many real friends in the case of social conditions contributed to this, such as friends who live in one neighborhood and share the same hobbies and activities. Or friends from a nearby area who study in one school and when they grow up they share university and jobs together.

We often find that this type of upbringing results in very strong friendships.


Friendship topic

I would like to talk about the concept of the word friendship. I rarely encounter anyone who knows what this word really means.

Everywhere we find the word friendship, and this name gets mixed up on some. We may find someone talking about an acquaintance that did not exceed a few days or often hours, despite that, they call themselves friends. But that is not true. We might call this a mere acquaintance.

True friendship must pass enough trials to become solid and strong. Without the presence of roots firmly rooted in the ground and at a great depth, this will not be a true and strong friendship.

The true concept of friendship that anyone should know is to feel confident and secure with a willingness to sacrifice.
It approximates the recipe for a sibling relationship, with a few differences.

You can judge the strength of friendship according to the situation in which you encountered and how your friend supported you.


Topic about friend

It is important to have a loyal friend, and I knew this when I got sick last week, I have many friends in school, but when I got sick no one asked about me or visited me, except for one friend named Majid, he is my friend since childhood, he is the person The only one who came to visit me, he used to visit me daily, and help me as I could not move, I knew that he was a friend and loyal, but the rest of the friends were not.

So I decided that my relationship with my friend Majed would be good, and that our friendship would last for life.


Topic Friendship

Friendship is one of the important things in every person’s life, because a loyal friend is just like a brother. He helps you when you need help. He also loves you to be successful in your life.

I have a friend who I know since childhood, we meet every day, we spend holidays together, he’s just like my brother,
I visit him at his house and he visits me too. We will go to the same university next year.

I hope that we will remain friends when we start families and have children. It is wonderful to have such a friendship between us. We can’t wait to see our kids go through a similar one.

Of course we go through some obstacles and quarrels. All friendships go through such quarrels. But it is good to go through it, it makes the friendship stronger and stronger.

It makes the two friends know each other better. Which makes each one of them know a lot about the other. This is the wonderful thing about friendship.


Topic on friendship

Friendship is one of the very important and necessary things. Some may think that friendship is not important and that family members are all they need. This is often because  of  a disappointment.

But in fact, friendship is very important in my own experience. Like I learn a lot from my new friends or through old friends also.

I can say that friendship is very wonderful for broadening horizons, learning and improving social skills. It also helps a lot in other aspects such as improving intellectual and manual skills.

You can just highlight this theory, what do you think you will learn from the few people who have been around you for a very long time?

I see that  forming friendships with others helps us to develop ourselves more, so friendship is very important.


A topic about friendship

Friendship is a very wonderful thing, everyone strives to achieve and provide a loyal and honest friend in their lives.
Many people who are unable to form friendships in their lives suffer from loneliness or social distancing from their surroundings.

Because we always find that there are many things that we learn and benefit from by getting close to others and making friends. Then we can learn some customs, traditions or handicrafts through them. They can also learn from us, our habits and our actions.

A lot of the things I learned were from my friends and I am glad to have friends in my life whom I can count on, I learn from them and spend quality time with them.


Topic of Friendship

Undoubtedly, friendship is an important psychological state for every person, because it plays the role of safety and support in many life situations. Therefore, many seek friendship and form as much of it, so that we can help others and also ask for help when needed.

True friendship doesn’t stop at going out and having a good time. Rather, friendship is more important than that, as friendship is very useful for those who live alone without siblings, or even with siblings.

This is because it takes the place of a brother in trust, safety, help, support, guidance, and education. Therefore, friendship for all people is very important and we should have as many true friendships as possible.


Subject about friendship

I am a very social person and love to form relationships and gain many friends. I don’t like the feeling of a stranger in any gathering, it’s much better to break the ice and the silence and get to know different people.

I like very much to get to know a person well before making him a close friend, but I don’t mind going out a few times to learn from him or how he thinks and behaves.

I have several close friends, I can really call them by this name, we have gone through several difficult experiences, situations have proven that I can rely on them and that they are a source of trust.

In addition, they had many situations that they advised me or directed me to something that would benefit me. These were wonderful positions from them. So I do the same with them. We feel very confident in each other.


Friendship Topic in English

There is no doubt that friendship is very important in the development of human life and the formation of new experiences. In addition to being a good psychological support for people, because it represents protection, advice, listening, guidance, warning, and ultimately good attitudes when facing any difficulties and problems.

So friendship represents many things. These things differ according to each person and what he needs, we can see some who care about friendship and make many friendships to be his listeners, he suffers from the problem of listening from his surroundings, so he needs people to support him and listen to him, there is no shame in that, everyone has someone completes him in something he lacks.

Therefore, friendship is very important, and its presence is a good feature that complements you and makes you better in many ways.


Topic about friendship in English

Undoubtedly, friendship is one of the most important things in a person’s life. It is about sharing successes, joys, sorrows, failures, expectations and disappointments. Everyone has certainly heard the saying, “If you have a true friend, you have everything.”

People become more supportive and responsible when they make friends. Through experiences and situations, friendship deepens, bonds become stronger and closer, and it makes everyone more confident in those around them.
Friendship also develops courage within a person, and helps him greatly in self-confidence.

Whoever does not wish to have a true friend by his side in the dark days, to push him into the light, and keep him away from bad feelings, or the wrong path.

Everyone likes to have someone who supports him, encourages him, stands up to him when he makes a mistake and tells him what is right for his own good. This is the coolest and most beautiful thing in true friendship.


Friends nd friendship topic

Having friends in our lives is very useful, not only for relationships, but also for self-confidence, courage, and a good spirit.

Friendship is also good for health and the heart. With friends it is easy to overcome problems, and in the presence of friends we do not feel lonely.

It is very important for me to have someone who supports and encourages me, that makes me feel more self confident, improves my choices, and helps me avoid many bad choices.

So friendship is very important in my life. So I like to be a good friend as well and give support and help to all my friends.


Paragraph on friendship in English

Undoubtedly, I was able to discover the importance of friendship from the many failed attempts I had to make friends.

Friendship is very important for human building, in terms of increasing self-confidence, happiness, urbanization, development, freedom, commitment, and selflessness. All these things can be gained from friendships.

When a person is alone, it is easy to walk down bad roads, rush and adopt wrong thoughts that a person may regret in the future.

Having a friend in our life is a very good thing, because he guides and encourages you to choose the best. He also gives you moral motivation by trusting you to increase your self-confidence. This makes your choices more mature and healthy.

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