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Topic friendship

Topic friendship

Topic friendship with a lot of important information about the concept of friendship and its importance in the life of the individual as it affects his life , personality and behavior. Friends are indispensable in human life, but it is important to choose the good friend,  you will find all that here in topic friendship .

Friendship topic

There is no doubt that friendship is a wonderful thing in human life that affects him socially and psychologically.You will find all this information here in topic friendship.

The friendship

Friendship is one of the forms of human relations and ties between people.

It is based on truthfulness, trust among friends, feelings of love and mutual respect .

You see the true friend helps his friend to overcome the difficulties, and face the difficult circumstances, and not everyone has a real friend, as there are many friends seeking the personal interest .

Friendship is the treasure of life, a balm that pleases the wounds of the heart and soul, and makes life more likely.

A man without friends, like a bare tree, nothing make our life more easy than the existence of faithful friends in our lives.

Even the Prophet, peace be upon him , had a friend accompanied and supported him, who is Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, which indicates the great impact of good which  the friendship leaves in the soul.

Friendship is not just a close relationship between two or more people, it is a consensus and an agreement.

Not everyone in the world suits us as a friend, but we have to choose loyal friends who safeguard the rights of friendship, abide by its duty, safeguard its secrets and keep the covenant of friendship always and ever.

The loyal friend who takes the hand of his friend to good, and prevents him from deviation, and away from bad companions do not walk in their paths, and the most important qualities of loyal friends, keeping the absence of the friend.

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