Friends and friendship
Friends and friendship

Friends and friendship

Friends and friendship is an English topic about friendship contains important information about the importance of friendship and how to choose the right friend. A person can not live without friends, but friendship is a blessing in your life and not a curse. And this is what you will learn here through friends and friendship topic.

Friends and friendship

There is no doubt that friendship is an important thing in our lives, but friendship must has conditions, rights and duties. All this information will be found here in friends and friendship topic.


Friendship is one of the greatest social bonds between humans, friendship can be between two people only, and can be between more than two people.The friend must be loyal, faithful and honest, and have all the meanings of the word “friendship” and be one of those who help their friends in times of distress and distress.

It is also necessary to be patient and do not rush to choose his friends, and he must test them before establishing friendship with them, and be sure of their religious and moral goodness, because the friend is influenced by his friend.

The relationship between friends is based on several foundations and things: Honesty, loyalty,  love, mutual trust, interaction among themselves, cooperation and sharing of various activities, interests and useful works.

If this friend does not have these qualities, he is not fit to be a friend, and if you have a friendship with him, it is likely to be a false and unreal friendship.

If a person has a friend but a liar and a traitor, and does not  advice him, he is not a true friend, and the relationship between them is not a true friendship, but a false and formal friendship. Truth is the essence and foundation of friendship.

The friend is reassuring to his side and secure him when he is behind you because he will protect you and do not betray you, but he will advise you with the sound advice that saves you when you take the wrong path.

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