Essay on cat for children
Essay on cat for children

Essay on cat for children 2 Models

Essay on cat for children, here we will present several models, such as a short essay on cats for children, and a paragraph on raising cats.

Writing an essay on cats helps the student to learn a lot about the behavior of cats, and how to raise them. essay on cat for children is important because it trains the student to accurately describe cat behavior, and what is the favorite food of cats. Here you will find short and long essays suitable for fourth and fifth grades, and middle school.

Essay on cat for children

Cats are among the pets that many people prefer, and writing an essay on cat for children will be easy and fun, and cats have a calm behavior, and therefore many people raise them in their homes without fear.

Children love cats and play with them everywhere, and cats are characterized by the beauty of their shape and softness of hair, and there are many types of cats, all of which are beautiful and cute, and are characterized by intelligence.


Cats are the closest pet to humans, as they have lived with humans for 7 thousand years, and there are many types of cats, and they differ in size, color and external shape.

Cats received special care, as some civilizations considered cats sacred animals, an example of this is the Pharaonic civilization.

Types of cats

There are many types of cats and I will mention in the essay on cat for children some of these types:

The Shirazi Cat: It is a beautiful cat characterized by its long hair, the beauty of its shape and tends to be lazy and lethargic.

Siamese cat: It is characterized by the beauty of its voice and the beauty of its shape as well.

Himalayan cat: a beautiful cat, a hybrid cat that results from mating the Persian cat with the Siamese cat.

Russian Cat: It is a beautiful and calm cat.

Apis cat: The Apis cat was sacred in the Pharaonic civilization and had many statues.

There are many other types of cats, such as the Balinese cat, which is a hybrid cat that results from mating a Himalayan cat with a Siamese cat, as well as the Burmese cat, which is characterized by its golden eyes, and the Manx cat which is a cat without a tail, and there are very many types resulting from hybridization between types of cats.

Facts about cats

It is important for the child to know some facts about cats and we will mention some of them in the essay on cat for children as follows:

  • Cats are pet mammals that can live at home.
  • Cats are smart, and love to play constantly.
  • Cats are closely related to where they live.
  • Cats sleep for a long time, with an estimated 16 hours of sleep per day.
  • Cats make different sounds to express hunger, fear, the need for attention, reassurance, happiness, and others.
  • In the mouth of the cat there are about 30 teeth, and these teeth are sharp to be able to tear meat.
  • Cats can see in the dark, because there is a reflective layer in their eyes, which amplifies the light.
  • Cats see 6 times better and clearer than humans.
  • The cat has three eyelids, and the third eyelid is a membrane located in the inner corner of the eye, and its function is to protect the eye.
  • The cat has a thorny tongue, which helps it tear meat.
  • Cats have a common language, which is a collection of different sounds they use in certain situations.
  • Cats clean themselves by licking their fur with their tongue.
  • Cats have a strong sense of hearing, they hear sounds with high frequencies (about 65 kHz).

Raising cats

Raising cats is a fun thing, and it needs some care and training, and it also needs health care so that it does not get sick. The place where the cat resides must be clean, dry and the temperature is appropriate, and the place must be cleaned continuously so that the cat is not infected with insects and parasites.

It is also necessary to take care of the hygiene of cats and trim their nails, and in the essay on cat for children we will provide some information and tips that will help you in raising a cat.

Cat feeding

Cats feed on meat, in nature they hunt their prey, such as mice, small squirrels, small birds and others. But when we raise it at home, it is fed on cat food, which is dry and packed in bags, and sometimes we give the cats meat and fish. However, it prefers to hunt its prey from the garden whenever it finds an opportunity to do so. Street cats feed on leftover food in litter boxes.

Common mistakes when raising cats

There are many mistakes that we overlook when raising cats, and I will mention some of them in the essay on cat for children as follows:

  • Neglecting cat claws trimming: Cats have sharp claws, and therefore their claws must be trimmed continuously so as not to harm children.
  • Suitable food must be provided to cats, and the expiration date must be checked before purchasing, and the food must be high in protein.
  • We should not neglect the treatment of the cat when it is infected with any disease. And that by examining them at the vet.
  • Provide appropriate amounts of food for cats, not more or less than their needs.
  • You must visit the veterinarian for a periodic examination of the cat, to ensure that it is safe and free of diseases.


At the end of the essay on cat for children, I hope that I have provided you with useful information about cats, and how to raise them. We will present several models for the characteristics of cats, their types and characteristics.

I hope you have benefited from the essay on cat for children, and the information I provided.

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