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Creative presentation
Creative presentation

Creative presentation

Creative presentation where you find interesting information about love and we will talk about the different kinds of love that exist in every human soul, since it is certain that people differ in their thoughts about love according to the personality and culture of each person. And this is what we will learn here in a creative presentation  about the types of love.

Creative presentation

Passion of love is one of the most beautiful emotions created by God in the human soul , and the person who enjoys good morals and personality together is the person who can understand the love correctly and how to express it with all sincerity. And this is what we will learn here through a very creative presentation .


Hello … how are you today ,hope you feeling good,My name is … I will present to you today a presentation about types of love, I hope you will like it. And I will answer all your questions at the end with all pleasure.



 Love is the basis of life, and we can not live without its existence among people; where life will turn into a large forest governed by domination, injustice and personal interests, Therefore, love is one of the highest human feelings that every human being must have. It is an invaluable gift of Allah, and for this I will explain in this presentation the kinds of love.

Types of love

Love for the sake of Allah only

Love for the sake of Allah is the greatest and purest kind of love, built on pure intentions, loving the good for others, and wishing for all people goodness, security and peace of mind even if we have no personal ties with them.

Silent Love

Silent love is what a person feels in adolescence; he is attracted to a person for no apparent reason, he mutes his innocent feelings without directly disclosing what he feels.

Platonic love

is the simplest kind of love, no conditions governing it,  it is free of any material interests or goals, which is the love of our friends, our parents, and our relatives.

Addictive love

It is similar to the addictive condition, where a person clings frighteningly to his partner.  It is often the result of a former love experience that has not been successful ,so,he will turn into this addictive case.

Selfish love

Selfish love arises in order to complete some personal interests, so that the parties do not care about each other, but everyone only interested about himself.

Spontaneous love

Spontaneous love is the love of life and nature, social relations, empathy for all people, and does not require a partnership between a woman and a man, and the relationship of love between them.

One part Love 

It is love free of charge from one side without the attention of the other, It is one of the most difficult types of love, and the person will not get what he wishes from happiness and comfort, but will suffer greatly.

Lustful love

Love for lust is not considered love in the sense of the word,  But found to achieve some desires away from feelings and sincere love.

Romantic love

Romantic love is opposite to lustful love; it is based on sensations, feelings of passion, and tenderness;  The lover rejoices to the joy of his partner, and grieves for his sadness and feel him in all his circumstances, and trying to stand beside him, and sacrifice for him.


Thank you for your kind attention … I hope you have liked the presentation. If you have anyquestions, I will answer them with all pleasure.

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