Topic on reading
Topic on reading

Topic on reading

Topic on reading , contains many information about reading and its importance to the individual and society. Reading promotes thought and expands the mind’s perception. All of this information will be found here in a topic on reading where you find all the information you need about reading.

Topic on reading

Reading is a new life for a person to add to his or her life, and with each book an experience and information. All this makes the human being  a new personality that is more conscious and more pure. All of this information will be found here in a topic on reading .


Reading is another life given to man, expanding the horizons of knowledge and culture, expanding his understanding in dealing and decision-making.  

You find  many people like to hear the educated person  and his opinion ; because he knows more than many know. Islam has urged reading. 

Unfortunately, those who do not read  always say that there is no benefit from reading, and they did not try it. It is ignorance and hatred of the grace of God who gave them a conscious mind and free time.

Although the correct reading is that reading, which is completely considered as water and food, it is the food of the soul ,kept by the reader every day and not only in his spare time.

If one of them experiences  reading five pages of a book every day, he will come out on the last of the month with a hundred and fifty pages, or nine hundred pages after six months, that is, three large books or six to ten small and medium books.

If this is measured by the year, he will produce twenty books a year with each book a new experience, and in each  book a new knowledge.

All of this is because of five pages a day. How, if you increase it to 10 pages, you will become a mobile library by the end of the year, and you will realize that your thinking was opened, your knowledge has increased, and a new world has become your refuge.

So reading is important, Those who are convinced are beginning to read and feel their slow,  This is obvious because the brain is not ready, because its cells were not used to it.

But with the continuation of reading will interact with the human brain slowly and increase the speed of reading . Some reached tremendous speeds in reading, and  reading increased the power of conservation as well.

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