Topic on Mother's Day in English
Topic on Mother's Day in English

Topic on Mother’s Day in English 8 models

Topic on mother’s day in English contains all the important information about Mother’s Day and how it started and its importance for all countries in the world and how to celebrate this day and pay attention to the mother and give gifts to her. All this information you will find here in a topic on Mother’s Day in English .

Topic on mother’s day in English

There is no doubt that the mother is of great importance in the life of everyone but in the progress of the society as a whole . You will find all information about Mother’s Day here in a topic on Mother’s Day in English.


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the official holidays and holidays in all countries of the world. Its beginning was in the 20th century in the United States of America as a day to honor and celebrate with mothers and to give them presents, especially carnations or other gifts.


Mother’s Day is a day of fulfillment for the mothers and recognition of their gratitude and appreciation for all that they have done in order to make their children happy and achieve a decent and ideal life for them.

Mother’s Day is also a day to honor the ideal mothers by associations and institutions interested in childhood and motherhood as a tribute to them and motivate others to make an effort for the happiness of their children.


Giving thanks and gratitude is not limited to mothers but may extend to all those who serve as mothers in education and good care, such as grandmothers, aunts, housewives, good teachers and others.

The beginning of Mother’s Day


 It was the beginning of the celebration of Mother’s Day when the American Anna Jarvis wanted in 1908 to honor her deceased mother, and then carried out an advertising campaign between the people and the official American institutions in order to recognize this day as an official holiday in the country.

 In 1914,  Woodrow Wilson adopted May 9 each year as Mother’s Day and National Day in the United States of America.

The celebration of the mother’s day moved from America to the rest of the world with different timing from one country to another.

In the Arab countries entered the Mother’s Day by Egyptian journalist Ali Amin and decided to be celebrated on 21 March each year.

Mother’s day topic in English

The mother is the greatest gift on the earth, there is nothing on the face of the earth that can replace the tenderness of a mother, and the intense fear for her children.

That’s why Mother’s Day is a simple thing for her, that doesn’t give her true right. She is the greatest example of sacrifice, from the beginning of pregnancy, to the day of the death of her children while she sacrifices.

Therefore, on Mother’s Day, what we say to her must be true and describe our true feelings towards her sacrifices, which we notice well. We must thank her a lot and express to her with love for every moment she spent her life for us.

It would be great if we could provide her with a simple gift to make her feel how much we appreciate her, and that we think about her a lot and appreciate her hard work.

Certainly, this will give her the strength to continue to give, and not hesitate to sacrifice anything she loves for the sake of our comfort and happiness in this world.



Topic of the day in English

Today is Mother’s Day, it is a wonderful day dedicated to honoring the great mother for her great effort and work.
For the mother, this day represents the fuel she needs so that she can continue to give and sacrifice with love.

It stimulates the psychological aspect of her greatly, and makes her feel the extent of her influence in the family, and that she has a great role that she can appreciate and thank.

Although she is the happiest person in the world because she is a mother, and it is enough for her to hear the word mama, or I love you, mother, but like anyone in the world likes to be rewarded for his effort.

Therefore, on Mother’s Day, we must make her proud of what she has achieved, and commend all her efforts and hard work in the previous years, and give her a lot of love and attention.

It is one day, and dedicating time to her will not lose us to the world, as she is dedicating all her time and life for us. Therefore, it is great to have the whole day for her, not to tire her with it and make her sit and rest, prepare food for her if possible, prepare gifts and anything she likes, and make this day special for her.

This will make her very happy and make her more loving and tender than she was.



Topic on mothers day in English

It is wonderful that there is International Mothers’ Day, which we celebrate every year as Mother’s Day. We bring her a delicious cake and some gifts that she needs, and we tell her the best words and sentences, which make her feel how important she is and how much we appreciate her hard work and effort.

I am very happy with my mother’s joy on this day, when we make her some small things or bring her something she needs. This day will be a true feast in our house, and all the arrangements and efforts made, no matter how big or small, will be joyful and fun.

Because we know that she deserves from us to give her the best we have, in appreciation of what she does every day and every hour in her life, caring for us, correcting and guiding, She sacrifices everything to take care of us.



Paragraph on mother’s day in English

There is no doubt that Mother’s Day is one of the wonderful days in which the atmosphere is calm and happy.
And everything is wonderful from the beginning of preparing the gift and preparing some surprises that will please the mother and make her happy.

So I wait for this day every year, as I prepare a valuable gift for my mother and try to find out what is the appropriate gift for my mother’s needs before several months and try to save some money from my personal expenses, and buy it for her.

The look of happiness and gratitude that I see in her eyes every year is enough for me, and I thank her for giving birth to me, her upbringing, and her constant toil with us. It makes me feel very happy and a lot of great feelings.



Mother’s day topic

Mother’s Day is one of the important and wonderful holidays that we work to preserve and develop as we grow older, to honor the mother, and thank her for her hard work and effort with us.

I remember some of the past mother’s Days, which were simple, and the older I get, the better and more surprising, expressive, and grateful these feasts become.

I find every year that the responsibility that falls on the mother is greater than the one before, and her role in my life does not end.

Therefore, I try hard to be as good as she thinks, and work hard to make her proud of me, whether in my studies or my life.

On this day, I thank her very much for her hard work with me, and for her continuous effort that does not end, and I try to give her an appropriate gift that makes her happy and makes her feel grateful because we feel her effort.

This is how I see Mother’s Day and I like to spend it with my mum all day long.


Paragraph on mother’s day

Whenever the date of Mother’s Day approaches, I get very nervous and want to prepare some gifts. I ask all my family members to prepare to participate in this day, and present a great gift from all of us, and prepare the house before her return to make her a surprise that makes her happy.

Therefore, I consider this day very important, and I spend a lot of time thinking about every detail, what I will write to her in the letter of thanks, and what I will tell her about my thanks to her and my gratitude that cannot be given her due.

All these wonderful things I am looking forward to, and I love to spend the whole day talking with her and complimenting her, helping her with household matters, and making her feel comfortable and happy, this is how I love spending Mother’s Day.



Topic on mother’s day in English

International Mother’s Day is celebrated by every person around the world, which represents appreciation and thanks to women for their hard work and efforts for what they offer with happiness and dedication from their lives.

This day was established so that everyone could thank the woman for giving birth to them, and for her toil with them from the first day of their life, until their death.

She puts their lives ahead of hers, and deprives herself of many things in order to raise her children and prepare them to become the best people in the world.

Every mother strives to provide the best for her children so that they integrate into society and become wonderful people to be proud of.

So it is great to have a day when we can thank her and give her guidance, and tell her how much we love her and appreciate her hard work and effort with us in the past and the next life.


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