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My mother topic
My mother topic

My mother topic

My mother topic contains a lot of information about the importance of the mother`s role  in life and society. Every successful person will find his mother is the secret of success and is the biggest supporter of him in life and who is appointed in failure. All the information and words you will find here in my mother topic .

My mother topic

Mother has a great virtue not only in the life of each person but its great advantage over the whole society is that it educates generations that are building and renaissance societies. All of this will be found here in an English topic about mother.

 The mother

A job interview surprised a large number of people, recognizing their requirements, some described as inhuman, unreasonable, and illegal.

This function requires unlimited hours of work, not less than twenty-four hours a day throughout the week throughout the year. You need excellent interpersonal skills, persuasive ability, and an almost miraculous stamina.

Some people may be surprised when they hear the value of this job, as there will be no exchange at all, and you have to feel happiness while you are doing it. No hours of rest, no lunch hours, no annual leave as well.

The main task is to keep the manager comfortable all the time, no matter what the cost of doing it, even at the expense of your sleep, you have to fully devote to this job.

And you may neglect your social relations for a long time. This job is actually occupied by many people, possibly up to millions. Operations Manager, or “Mother” Yes, she’s the mother.

The source of infinite tenderness, sincerity and devotion to her family and children, has only compassion and love in her heart.

And constant care around the clock, does not occupy her mind and heart but her family and her children, how they will grow up, and what they like, and what comforts them, and what enters the pleasure to their heart.

There is no heart like the heart of the mother, and no concern as the mother’s concern for her children, so, let us be satisfy her with her obedience and righteousness ,and commitment to our duty towards her, God save our mothers .

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