Paragraph on my mother
Paragraph on my mother

Paragraph on my mother

Updated On — Sunday , June 26 2022

Paragraph on my mother, one of the interesting topics asked by a teacher, for the student to talk about his relationship with the mother, to show the family aspects, and the amount of love between them, and to allow the student to express his feelings and present this in the form of a school assignment.

Such topics help the student to know many aspects, whether related to the mother, or related to his love and appreciation for her, and his view of her endless effort and fatigue, so it is one of the favorite and wonderful topics.

Paragraph on my mother

Below we will provide you with many models that are suitable for all educational levels that students are looking for to present a short or easy topic about the mother, and there are also some models that are an introduction or a conclusion suitable for many articles.

My mother is not one of the famous women of society, she is not one of the artists we see on TV, and she is not one of the superheroes.

But I see her as the best mother in the world and better than any other person on earth. She is the one who stood by me since I was young and taught me how to eat my food, how to walk and talk, and faced all difficulties for me, and she was always by my side in my illness and in my joy and celebrations. If I look at any picture that was taken of me since I was young, I will always find her the closest person to me.

I see motherhood as a sacrifice and this is what my mother gave me from my early childhood until this day. Every day she is by my side and sacrifices a lot, whether of her time or effort. No matter how good or bad my character is, she works on improving it and making it better so that I can be the best boy in society.

My mother is one of the most honest people around me, she may shock me with the truth until she makes me wake up and know right from wrong, and she is the one who supports me to face any difficulties until I pass them and become the best and strongest.

I don’t think I can mention all the sacrifices and efforts of the mother, but I know very well that she is the number one trusted person for every child on the whole face of the earth. And if the child gets anything bad, the first person who goes to cry among the arms is the mother.




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Essay on my mother

My mother is the most beloved human being to my heart, she has endured a lot of trouble for me and has not spared the effort or time in order to provide me with happiness.

Since I was born, I have suffered from a heart disease, this disease was serious and needs intensive care. My mother sacrificed her comfort for me, she slept very little, and she carried me most of the time to make me feel loved and safe, and took care of meticulously carrying out the doctors’ instructions.

She kept giving me my medicines on time, and she prepared me special food that suits my health condition, and took me to the doctors to make sure that my health improves.

She was making an extraordinary effort.Although she was making a great effort, she was relieving me of my pain with her beautiful smile and kind words.

I did not feel comfortable except in the arms of my mother, and although my health condition has improved, she takes great care of me, she is the most beloved person to my heart.




Essay on my mother for class 1

My mother is the most beautiful person in the world, she is kind, gentle and friendly, she loves to see me happy and therefore buys me many gifts, she loves to surprise me, I always feel happy because my mother loves me.

My mother cares a lot about me, she cares about my personal hygiene and the cleanliness of my clothes, and she also teaches me how to deal with others. My mom teaches me good manners.

The favor of my mother over me is very great, for she is the one who taught me to speak and pronounce my first words, as she taught me to walk and held my hand to take my first steps.

It is thanks to my mother for everything I have learned in my life, all my experiences I have gained from my mother.

My mother’s giving does not stop, every day she teaches me something new, she wants to make me different from others.

I love my mother very much and respect her, and I will fulfill all her hopes, for she works for my happiness.




My mother essay for class 2

My mother, my beloved, is the most beloved of people to my heart, for she carried me in her womb for nine months and gave birth to me and suffered from pain, and she took care of me despite her pain.

She has taken care of me until now, and I am sure that she will take care of me for the rest of her life. My mother fears and protects me, so I feel safe because my mother is always by my side. I spend my happiest time with my mother, she joins me in some electronic games, and we go to the club together.

My mother teaches me everything that she wishes to see me distinguished and superior in my studies. I obey my mother and try to fulfill all her wishes. My mother’s preference over me is very great, as she is everything in my life.


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