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Topic about mother
Topic about mother

Topic about mother

Topic about mother  contains a lot of information about the importance of the mother and our duty towards her and how the mother is the source of tender and the cornerstone in the construction of civilized societies. Everyone wants success must first obtain the satisfaction of his mother. All that information will be  here in a topic about mother.

Topic about mother

Mother is the source of happiness in life ,she is who supports and encourages you and always push you towards success , all of this will be here in a topic about mother .

 The mother 

Marriage is not  complete without the birth of children who fill the house with happiness and love, they are the bond and safety, they are reassurance and help.

The husband and wife are anxiously awaiting the news of pregnancy;  to move the female from the stage of irresponsible life to new life and world to become a mother and a teacher of generations.

When the female becomes the mother for the first time, she experiences strange contradictions. She moves from the life of irresponsibility to a new life  in which she is the first responsible for a spirit .

She tries to be a good mother, educator, wife and also the model. We were children and we all attached to our mothers.

We can only take our first steps with her, and one day we may do not know the value of our mothers, but when we become mothers we value the mother more and more.

The status of the mother in Islam

Motherhood  is a great function of the generosity of God to the female, he imposed duties and grant rights, the mother is responsible for her children.

 She builds the society by building her children and educates them on the best ethics and behaviors, she is the one who helps the whole society to progress, development and civilizational building. she educates the generations that will build our societies.

Our great religion honors the mother and gives her special status,and her rights that must be met, and it is my duty as a daughter to respect and love my mother and obey her.

We are all sons and all of us aspire to the satisfaction of our mothers who spent the nights and days for our happiness and happiness. 

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