Topic about mother
Topic about mother

Topic about mother 8 models

Topic about mother  contains a lot of information about the importance of the mother and our duty towards her and how the mother is the source of tender and the cornerstone in the construction of civilized societies. Everyone wants success must first obtain the satisfaction of his mother. All that information will be  here in a topic about mother.

Topic about mother

Mother is the source of happiness in life ,she is who supports and encourages you and always push you towards success , all of this will be here in a topic about mother .

 The mother 

Marriage is not  complete without the birth of children who fill the house with happiness and love, they are the bond and safety, they are reassurance and help.

The husband and wife are anxiously awaiting the news of pregnancy;  to move the female from the stage of irresponsible life to new life and world to become a mother and a teacher of generations.

When the female becomes the mother for the first time, she experiences strange contradictions. She moves from the life of irresponsibility to a new life  in which she is the first responsible for a spirit .

She tries to be a good mother, educator, wife and also the model. We were children and we all attached to our mothers.

We can only take our first steps with her, and one day we may do not know the value of our mothers, but when we become mothers we value the mother more and more.

The status of the mother in Islam

Motherhood  is a great function of the generosity of God to the female, he imposed duties and grant rights, the mother is responsible for her children.

 She builds the society by building her children and educates them on the best ethics and behaviors, she is the one who helps the whole society to progress, development and civilizational building. she educates the generations that will build our societies.

Our great religion honors the mother and gives her special status,and her rights that must be met, and it is my duty as a daughter to respect and love my mother and obey her.

We are all sons and all of us aspire to the satisfaction of our mothers who spent the nights and days for our happiness and happiness.

Mother Topic

Undoubtedly, the mother is one of the most important pillars of a normal and natural life on earth. It is not possible to deny the important role that she plays in providing support and a helping hand to her children and protecting them.

She also provides them with the love and tenderness necessary to make them emotionally saturated, which making them normal people in society.

We can see the role of the mother and the great differences that occur due to the lack of education and guidance from the mother. We can see the psychological and social differences between the upbringing of an educated mother and an uneducated mother.

Certainly we have seen many such differences, no matter how hard children try and rely on themselves, we find that there is a psychological or cultural aspect that is affected and it cannot be dealt with without treating it psychologically or socially.

Therefore, the role of the mother is very important and cannot be dispensed with, and we must pay attention to it and ensure that the means of psychological and guiding learning are facilitated for the mother in order to ensure that our future is better for all of us.


Topic on Mother

Undoubtedly, the dream of all girls when they are young is to become mothers. It is very common for every girl to dream of being similar to her mother in habits and behaviour. She is her role model and her first love. Motherhood is a wonderful thing. Although it is difficult and stressful, but it is worth all this fatigue and sacrifice.

Of course, for many, the mother is the real hero. For me, she is my hero who helps me organize my life, and facilitates everything, from the beginning of preparing food for me, to searching for the lost sock that I ask her about, and she always finds it despite my search in the same place.

The role of the mother is very important for the continuation of life, in addition to establishing and guiding the individual to fit in with society, to become a normal person who can participate in society without fear of him or fear about him.

Therefore, I find that the role of the mother is very important and indispensable, and I hope that all children will absorb the sacrifice that the mother makes. There must be some support and help, whether physical or moral, such as telling her that you appreciate her fatigue and love her very much.


Topic of Mother

Undoubtedly, having a mother is one of the blessings that God bestows upon us. I lost my mother when I was young, so I miss her so much. But I know how important she is.

People who are deprived of something as important as a mother appreciate her very much and can see her role in education, support, care and love, and the extent of her impact in any home. And how the house becomes without a soul or life when the mother is absent.

Therefore, I greatly appreciate the role of women in education and work, and I know very well how much they sacrifice the most beautiful days of their lives and devote them only for the sake of their children. We often see sacrifices for hobbies or work, for the sake of children.

Likewise, the mother’s sacrifice was a waste of her right in many things in the home, such as happiness, or good treatment so that the children would not be affected, We often see homes with violence or abuse, but the mother remains steadfast and sacrifices everything for the sake of her children. I don’t encourage it but it happens.

So I know very well how important a mother is, both for her children and for herself.



Easy topic about mother

The mother is the source of tenderness and sympathy for the children, and because of her constant and permanent concern, and her fear for their future and their lives, she sacrifices a lot to discourage her children to grow up and become well integrated into society better than she was.

Undoubtedly, a mother is like a school. This means if the mother is educated, she can raise healthy children, physically and mentally, and depend on them.

She is the closest person to her child throughout his upbringing, and she is the primary source of education through which he builds his personality and builds his beliefs and faith. Therefore, the mother has a very big role in building her children, and she has a great influence on what he will become in the future.


English topic about mother

A mother cannot be described with a few words, or even a lot of words, for she is a world herself. You always find her by your side, helping you and standing at your back, and if necessary, you will find her standing in front of you to address any danger or problems you may face, so she is the defender, the protector, the friend, the sacrifice, the one who gives only infinite, next to tenderness and love.

Therefore, the mother cannot be described in words only, despite her fatigue and effort, this is enough for her to hear the word I love you, mother, or I appreciate what you are doing for me, my mother, this is enough for her and makes her the happiest person in the world, and makes her give more generously, when she finds you appreciate her fatigue and effort.

Even if you do not appreciate her, she will still love and appreciate you and make all sacrifices for you, but it is better to give her some of your love as she does. So that you can see more indescribable love.


Descriptive paragraph about mother

The mother is one of the fictional characters on earth. Undoubtedly, there are great differences in peoples, civilizations, customs and traditions, but the constant thing between all these ancient and new civilizations is the sacrifice of the mother and her rapid development in raising her children and her transformation from a nice girl with a small mind and weak responsibility, to a great mother who depends on her and bears great responsibility and a great sacrifice.

I have witnessed many cases in which a young girl marries when she is not even good at preparing food for herself and her husband. Whether money or life, spending becomes moderate and for important and necessary purposes. Which indicates maturity, stability and good choice, and these things may be missing in many girls before they become mothers.

Therefore, I see the mother as a superhero, a quick learner, and the best one who adapts to the new situation, ready to sacrifice her food and live on little in exchange for feeding her children.



Some lines of mothers day

Mother’s Day is one day each year. It was dedicated so that we can thank the mother for all the pain and sacrifice she made from the beginning of pregnancy, until the present day.

During all this period, the mother becomes more self-sacrificing and loving for her children. She only cares that her children are happy, she does not care about her food as she cares about children, and makes sure that they are fine and do not feel any hunger, pain, cold, heat, at all times she is by their side.

Therefore, Mother’s Day represents the prize with we thank her by, and gift her with some gifts that make her happy, so that we feel that she is important in our lives, and we should tell her how much we love her and that we know that she works hard for us, sacrifices and struggles.

Our thanks to her represents the required psychological boost that helps her to continue the sacrifice and struggle.

In this way we have provided you with a topic about mother in English, and you can read more topics through the following section:

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