Teacher essay in English
Teacher essay in English

Teacher essay in English

Teacher essay in English ,where we talk about the importance of the role of the teacher in the life of each student and his preference to communities and peoples and all that you will find here in teacher essay in English.

Teacher essay in English

The profession of the teacher is one of the professions found since the beginning of humanity, he is the person who bears the responsibility of enlightenment of the peoples ,and all that we will know here under the title of teacher essay in English.

The teacher

The teacher is the cornerstone of the educational process; he carries the message of science, a message related to responsibility for those who have the ability to patience and tender, to be like the tree in its gift, because of its important role on the stage of life in all its aspects and areas.

He is not only a vector of knowledge; his role  extends to develop the abilities of generations and to promote trends, and to educate them properly to be men and role models.

The teacher’s career is considered one of the most serious and influential tasks for the society.

The preparation of the teacher for the student is scientifically and nationally is prepared from the basic pillars on which the stability of the society is based .

Therefore, the teacher has the greatest credit in life.

He teaches the students how to hold the pen and how to read and teach them language and others, which leads them to the degrees of doctors, engineers, scientists and other areas of life.

The teacher is the one who teaches the students the history of their civilization, and who carries the responsibility of the science.

He is like the sun that lights the way for those who follow it. Ht is like the shining candle that burns and does its best for the sake of others.He is the one who brings people out of darkness to light and from ignorance to science.

The teacher has a great role in our lives in all its aspects, so it is necessary to recognize the teacher’s thanks and respect for him with his humility and to make him proud and raised head among the people; he is the breeders of generations, the maker of men. 

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