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Short essay on teacher in English
Short essay on teacher in English

Short essay on teacher in English

Short essay on teacher in English , contains all the information that will help you in writing a topic, an article or a Short essay on teacher in English and its importance in the lives of individuals and communities ,and you will find here everything that interests you under the title of Short essay on teacher in English .

Short essay on teacher in English

No one can deny the role of the teacher in the life of the individual and society , teacher is the guide who leads communities to bring them to safety , and here we will learn how to respect the teacher in Short essay on teacher in English.

The teacher

The function and idea of ​​the transfer of science and literature has been found together since the beginning of time, regardless of the title given to this holy person who was considered sacred in the past.

He is the teacher, the leader,  and the mentor who creates a generation nurtured by science, knowledge and values. The people of the nation must follow the advice of this faithful man.

Respect for the teacher is one of the moral rights that the student should learn from the young age through his family; otherwise, the student will be confused and shaken by the image of the teacher, and he will be born and not to appreciate people in general, and this affects him later on how to communicate and dialogue with people, The teacher is the first person to meet the student in his life and the external environment and discuss with him, how can a student  learn from the knowledge of his teacher if he does not respect and appreciate him .

There are several things that every student should consider with his teacher:

Listening to the teacher, not interrupting so as not to interrupt the teacher’s ideas and disturb the rest of the students.

To discuss  with him in a refined, low-voiced, non-argumentative manner, and to look at him, away from the humor that the student makes to impress his friends.

Parents should  respect  the teacher in front of their children because students usually imitate their parents.

If a situation takes place, it is treated in a smart way that is not necessary in front of the student, and the teacher is excused and justified if possible. 

Parents should balance their child’s psyche if he feels bored, and between the teacher’s requirements.

Not to call the teacher in his name without mentioning the title but call him  Professor, and even in his absence .

The student must honor the teacher, know his bounty, and appreciate it.

The student should not argue with his teacher, and deliberately embarrass him in questions that may be outside his specialty.

Non-interference in the life of the teacher.

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