Teacher profession essay
Teacher profession essay

Teacher profession essay

Teacher profession essay ,contains all the information that you want to know about the teacher . Here you will find the role of the teacher and his preference and how the teacher is the cornerstone of each community.All this information is here in teacher profession essay .

Teacher profession essay

The teacher is the shining lighthouse in all societies and the good teacher is very importance for the whole society , and here you will find teacher profession essay contains the importance and virtue of the teacher in the lives of peoples.

The teacher

Through knowledge, the societies flourish and rise, and it is the shining flame that illuminates the path for all generations. It is the ship that sails in the sea of ​​knowledge ., and  as all ships, need the knowledge ship for a courageous captain and commander, to lead and sail safely  to reach the shackles ,and  the captain of this vessel is the teacher.

He is the true wealth and the treasure of every society. He is the beacon that lights up the path of true science for our children.  The teacher is the first to cultivate the values, ethics and love of good for our children at the age of flowers. The great Islamic religion is keen to show the importance of the teacher and his role in the growth of society. The first word revealed to the prophite Mohamed peace be upon him  is the word “read”.

There is no doubt that the righteousness of the land is suitable for planting, and its corruption corrupts the planting. The good teacher cultivates everything that is beautiful in the hearts of his students, but the corrupt teacher is like the obedience that destroys everything.

The corruption of the captain of the ship will enter it in the waves of the sea, and destroy it and destroy its passengers, The teacher is the one who makes by his hands the doctor, the engineer, the policeman and the construction worker. If these are not a solid description like the solid wall, they work wisely and fairly under the captain’s command, the ship would sink.

At the end, is not this great lightening worthy of appreciation and praise for his efforts,  this candle deserves a beautiful response worthy of its fatigue and effort, let us remind ourselves and our children thanks to the teacher, and raise the hats in front of him for every great action done, and away from reducing his role and its importance in building the wall of society. The teacher is the solid foundation on which all members of society are based.

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