Short essay on teacher
Short essay on teacher

Short essay on teacher

Short essay on teacher , contains all the information about the importance and virtue of the teacher ,we will also know how to respect the teacher  and give him his right . All that you will find here in short essay on teacher.

Short essay on teacher

The teacher has a great virtue in the life of every student  and no one can deny it, the teacher must be respected and honored and this is what you find here in short essay on teacher.

The teacher

 The teacher’s job is considered to be one of the highest and most prestigious professions for the result of the widespread use of students, the acquisition of knowledge and experience, and the graduation of a conscious and educated generation.

So parents should accustom their children to respect and appreciation of the teacher.

To respect and appreciate the teacher you have to appear the modesty to the teacher and recognition thanks to him ,the student must acquire the correct knowledge from his teacher.

Giving a salute to the teacher when he sees him and does not hide from him.

Stay away from vanity, and think that the student has knowledge better than that of his teacher. 

The students should be calm and quiet, taking care to have a distance between them and their teacher.

They should not rely on the wall because of their lack of seriousness and lack of concentration.

Authorization before entering , taking into account the tact and hygiene in the overall appearance, which includes clothing and hair.

Demonstrate gratitude and pleasure in receiving knowledge in front of the teacher.

It should not be the only goal of going to the educational institution is to study only, as students must learn ethics and good qualities from their teacher.

Good listening to the teacher while talking, and keep away from collecting mistakes or loopholes and presenting them to other students.

Focusing on the teacher while talking or explaining the lesson, and not pay attention to the others for the purpose of playing and entertainment, where students must sit in the row as if  they are in the mosque and want to pray.

Preserving the tools of the teacher, such as his wallet, papers and even personal belongings and not tamper with them.

Try to understand the information given during the lesson from the first time, so that the teacher does not have to re-explain and waste time on them.

Not interrupting the teacher While hearing a known story or conversation, the student must pretend not to know and leave the teacher to complete to the end.

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